A 3 Year Old… On Monsters 5

Hello 🙂 How’s everybody doing? Hopefully everyone is okay and enjoying their weekend. I was just taking a break from studying, decided to hop online and check my e-mail real quick when I saw a forward from my Dad (he always sends the funniest things.) The e-mail had a video attached to it, and I was really surprised when I saw it. Then I went on YouTube and sure enough the video was already on there, here it is:

If the video doesn’t show up, here’s the link: www.youtube.com/v/Fk-1mla0LeU

I thought the video was funny, I guess because it is so surprising… the whole shock value thing.. and the little girl is ADORABLE! And frankly I still get amazed when I hear toddlers carry on conversations, I’d swear they were all little child geniuses LOL! Anyways, there were comments made about the video how bad they were raising the little girl, and I could see why they would say that but at the same time these kids have minds like sponges. They could easily pick up on words that may have slipped out of someone elses mouth. Especially other kids (e.g., TEENS.) So… watch what you say in front of the little ones people 😆

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