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* Update (05/31/08): I now use the most! SnapTweet makes it easy for you to Twitter links to pictures that you’ve uploaded to Flickr. I find this the most convenient since I was finding myself  sending pics to Twitpic and then to Flickr.  What I do now is send pics (even video) on my N95 to Flickr like I usually do, and if I want that picture to be twittered, I just add a tag to the photo to let SnapTweet know that I want that picture to be tweeted! It’s really that easy, just create your settings on Here are some pictures I’ve tweeted through SnapTweet: . All in all, I recommend SnapTweet if you use Flickr a lot, SnapTweet will make things so much easier. If you don’t use Flickr, then I recommend TwitPic. That is all, enjoy!

I’ve been putting my N95 to more use lately and like I mentioned in my previous blog I can upload pics from my N95 directly to Flickr. I’m also a Twitter addict and I wanted to share the pics I’ve just uploaded with my fellow twitterers. So what I did was upload my photo to Flickr, head to or TinyUrl to get a small url so I could tweet a link to my new Flickr photo. This was fine and all but I thought… there has got to be a better (easier) way to do this! And so I did a little search and there was!

First I found I was excited! On MobyPicture you upload your picture via multimedia text / email on your phone and the picture can automatically be posted on sites like Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger and more! Of course I just had my eye on Twitter and Flickr so I thought this site was PERFECT for me. I immediately signed up and entered my Twitter and Flickr information. I got my phone and sent my photo to the addy they told me to send it to and…. it did show up on the MobyPicture website but it was never posted on Twitter or Flickr. Boohoo 🙁

Then I finally got an invite for! SnapFoo also lets you send in your picture on your mobile phone through multimedia text / email and also sends a link to Twitter. They have a Facebook application as well and it looks like they plan on adding more services later since they are only in Beta right now. So anyways, I signed up and sent a multimedia text… nothing 🙁 At all. Not even on their website.

I was bummed. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the two websites mentioned above don’t work. They both have many members and the site seems to be working just fine for them, especially SnapFoo because I get tweets from people using SnapFoo so it’s obviously working for them. I don’t know why it didn’t work for me, I’m assuming it’s because the file sizes of my pictures from my N95 are too big… so maybe that’s it? Who knows. The point is that neither of them worked for ME.

TwitpicThen one day I get a tweet from somebody I’m following, JChino. He was testing TwitPic, and it worked. So I thought hm, what the heck, I’ll give that a try. I go to, log in there with my Twitter info and they give me an addy to send a multimedia text to. I tried it and…. *gasp*…. it WORKED!!! All you do is send a multimedia text with your pic attached to it and type your caption in the subject heading and BAM! It is posted on the Twitpic website and gets posted to your Twitter. I’ve been using Twitpic ever since. Feel free to check out my Twitpic page with all my picture tweets at 🙂

Now I just wish twitpic would post to Flickr as well but we know that’s not happening. All in all, I recommend Twitpic, especially if you just use Twitter. But if you want to post the picture to multiple sites… give SnapFoo and MobyPicture a try. Don’t let my bad luck stop you from trying out those sites.

So anyways, today I was just thinking that it would be so cool if there was a VIDEO version of Twitpic and I tweeted that thought and another person I follow, MBoogie, gave me a website…!!! You can stream video right from your phone and it supports sites like Twitter and Facebook! So I signed up, they sent a confirmation text link and I clicked on it and they said they’d be in touch. I guess it’s invitation only right now and they evaluate requests. So I’ve been waiting for that and GUESS WHAT…

I literally got the request approval a couple of minutes ago as I was typing this blog! 😀

AnotherMaria streaming videos live? Or recorded videos? To Twitter?…

… More info on that later. But I must get back to studying for my finals (it’s finals week this week).. and I will explore more later! I’m so excited!

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5 thoughts on “Twitpic, Snapfoo & MobyPicture

  • SnapTweet


    SnapTweet posts Flickr photos to Twitter. That’s it, that’s all it does. 🙂

    Please give it a try sometime if you want your photos stored on Flickr, put to sometimes Twitter a photo.

    Best regards

  • Gilles

    Hi Maria,

    Enjoyed reading your post. Though I wonder went wrong with Mobypicture. This service works great for me, I can upload a pic via my iPhone app or email it to my Mobypicture account and it will be uploaded to Flickr and broadcasted on Twitter. For a short period of time I also used to auto-posting on my WordPress blog but stopped using this feature as I did want all the pics show up on my site.

    Regards, G.

  • N H Sarja


    Nice post about twitter photo share. 🙂

    But, I just don’t understand, what was wrong with your mobypicture! Mobypicture is one of the great tools specially if you share photo directly from your mobile! I mainly use twibble & nokia mobypicture online share 🙂 both are great. In terms of geotag, i haven’t seen any such great site before specially on the go posting 🙂 you can check my photo blog which is totally based on my mobypicture account – & I shared photo through nokia n82 🙂

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hello! Well I’m guessing Mobypicture has gotten an upgrade because it wasn’t working back then. As you can see my post was in 2008. I’ll probably try it again soon! Thanks for the info I’m going to check out your blog right now 😀