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Nike Training Club App Review

I am always looking for new and different ways to workout. One workout app that I’ve enjoyed using since it was first released is the Nike Training Club app and I was very pleased to see that they upgraded the app last year and added new features. Here is what […]


Patricia Moreno’s Cardio Burn Kickboxing

Summer is around the corner and it’s about that time to get in tip top shape. I just recently subscribed to Hulu Plus and we were browsing videos until we stumbled upon some exercise videos! We began to watch a clip and I immediately recognized the woman in the video […]


Renewed Motivation…

If you’re feeling burnt out with your current fitness routine I suggest you go to the Nike Women website! They have a variety of different workouts on there for you to try out (cardio, strength training, dance!) and they also give you info on where that particular trainer holds their […]