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Bare Arms: Plastic Surgeon Shares Age-Proofing Secrets

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BARE ARMS! PLASTIC SURGEON SHARES AGE-PROOFING SECRETS www.williambrunomd.com Beauty doesn’t stop at the face; it encompasses the whole body, right down to your toes. One of the most overlooked areas of a woman’s body is the arms. You may be able to hide your flabby […]


A Mom’s Guide to Looking Effortlessly Chic

Beauty & Confidence: Beauty & Makeup Tips A Mom’s Guide to Looking Effortlessly Chic By Kara Solarz for Beauty & Confidence Whether you’re a brand-new mama who equates showering with insta-chic or a veteran parent who can’t so much as pee alone, it’s hard not to look at put-together moms […]