P90x Nutrition Plan: Fastfood Quick Options 8

It has been about 1 year since I was first introduced to P90x… and I have yet to blog about the P90x Nutrition Plan! My diet has always been an issue for me. It’s really hard when you are constantly surrounded by delicious (yet fattening) Mexican and Puerto Rican food! […]

Winsor Pilates 20 Minute Workout Improves Posture 4

For the past few weeks I have been working out with Winsor Pilates again (read previous post: Winsor Pilates Intro). It has been a refreshing change! I am already feeling and seeing results. You know what I love about pilates? It improves your posture. I completely forgot about this great […]

Winsor Pilates Intro 7

I have been working out with P90x for quite some time now but with my recent hectic schedule and this hot summer weather… I needed to change things up a bit. Feeling drained from long labs and the heat, I just did not feel like losing anymore sweat from P90x’s […]

Get a Sexy Butt 4

During my day off on Saturday morning I was laying in bed and looking through Star magazine when I came across an ad that made me chuckle. The article showed a rather nice derrière and in huge bold letters it read “Want a Sexy Butt?” and below that I saw […]

Pomega5 – Pomegranate Supplements for Your Skin 3

While flipping through the pages of Body & Soul Magazine I came across a Pomega5 Revitalizing Nourishing Toner product recommendation. I have been in dire need of a new toner and decided to look into Pomega5, which by the way is also available at many Whole Foods markets! It’s January […]