Gaiam’s Wake Up Workout

The Firm: Power Half Hour

Here is another great workout with The FIRM Master Instructor Emily Welsh. The Power Half Hour offers a complete workout in only 30 minutes. This workout routine is a bit hard to follow for most. I had a difficult time following but I have seen that others had a hard […]


The Firm: Cardio Dance Express

The Firm Cardio Dance Express is a fun 20 minute dance cardio workout! If you need a change from your usual workout routine then a dance routine is just what you need. In this workout, master instructor Alison Davis-McLain combines cardio, dance, and body sculpting moves for a truly unique […]

The Firm Cardio Dance Express workout

Kickboxing Workout: Quick Fix Total Cardio Kick

Quickfix – Total Cardio Kick is one of my favorite online workouts! International fitness celebrity Janis Saffell provides easy to follow instructions in these short 10 minute workouts. Enjoy!


The Firm: Target Toning Zero in Ten Workout

I’ve been on a Hulu Gaiam Wake-Up Workout kick lately, and I was very happy to see that they have some Firm workouts in the mix! If you aren’t familiar with The Firm, they’ve been around for quite some time. I remember getting my first set of The Firm workouts […]


Rodney Yee’s Ultimate Power Yoga Workout

Ok, I’ve never been a huge fan of yoga. I played softball and basketball growing up. I knew how to train. I always went to the gym to do cardio and weight lifting to tone my body. I always equated movement with workout. So I never even considered trying yoga. […]


Patricia Moreno’s Cardio Burn Kickboxing

Summer is around the corner and it’s about that time to get in tip top shape. I just recently subscribed to Hulu Plus and we were browsing videos until we stumbled upon some exercise videos! We began to watch a clip and I immediately recognized the woman in the video […]