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Anti Aging Products and Ingredients: Don’t Get Creamed with False Hope in a Jar 1

ANTI AGING PRODUCTS AND INGREDIENTS: DON’T GET CREAMED WITH FALSE HOPE IN A JAR SEPARATING THE SKINCARE HEROES FROM THE ZEROES www.cosmedical.com Here’s what is certain: There are no firming or tightening products whose results can duplicate what you derive from in office procedures such as dermal fillers, botox, lasers, […]


Primavera Skin: Get Your Body Ready

Las Fabulosas: Beauty & Style Primavera Skin: Get Your Body Ready By Ivette Manners for Las Fabulosas Exfoliate GentlyMany chicas scrub and scrub to remove that layer of dead skin that’s caused by cold temperatures and dry heat indoors. But dermatologists say scrubbing actually dries skin. “Rough exfoliation can cause […]