Dr. Mirwat Sami

Get Younger Looking Eyes

EYE OPENING WAYS TO GET YOUNGER LOOKING PEEPERS RIGHT NOW www.houstonoculofacial.com Your eyes are the windows to your age. In fact, studies have shown that when strangers are asked to judge how old a person is, the eye area is one of the biggest influences. The delicate skin around our […]


Get Your Anti-Aging Skin Fix

GET YOUR ANTI-AGING SKIN FIX: NO PRESCRIPTION OR DOCTOR APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! www.houstonoculofacial.com Age and poor food choices are not the only culprit of wrinkles and neither are genetics. There are factors that come into play caused by one’s lifestyle and beauty habits that can exacerbate the aging process. Dr. Mirwat […]


Do Designer Sunglasses Provide Better UV Protection?

MADE IN THE SHADE: DO DESIGNER SUNGLASSES PROVIDE BETTER UV PROTECTION THAN BARGAIN BRANDS? As spring draws near, people will be replacing their hats and gloves with sunglasses. While status conscious fashionistas might spend hundreds to get the latest look from Tom Ford, Gucci or Prada, others spend more money […]


How Safe is your Eye Makeup Routine?

www.houstonoculofacial.com Eye make-up and cosmetics can enhance your appearance. Adding a little mascara, eye liner and eye shadow is easy and fun. However, this cosmetic enhancement may end up being harmful to eyes if applied carelessly. Issues can range from allergic reactions, to eye infections, to serious injuries. Though extreme, […]