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Red Flags to be wary of when choosing a plastic surgeon

Photo credit: Adam Ciesielski RED FLAGS TO BE AWARE OF WHEN CHOOSING A PLASTIC SURGEON There are literally thousands of plastic surgeons in The United States alone. Any surgeon practicing cosmetic procedures can call themselves a “cosmetic surgeon,” however, to be considered an actual plastic surgeon one must be […]


Losing Weight After 40: Face or Fanny?

LOSING WEIGHT AFTER 40: DO WOMEN STILL HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THEIR FACE OR THEIR FANNY? There is a quote often attributed to French actress Catherine Deneuve, who reportedly said, “After a certain age, you have to choose between your fanny and your face.” Here’s what she meant: Many […]


Cutting Through the Madness of Menopause

Cutting Through the Madness of Menopause According to Nashville-based, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Founder of Ageless Solutions, Dr. Nicholas Sieveking, “menopause can surely be a crazy time in a woman’s life. Not only does it signal the fact that she can no longer procreate, she will most likely […]


Want Glowing Skin? 5 Easy Steps That Start With Your Gut

Want Glowing Skin? 5 Easy Steps That Start With Your Gut It’s easy to overlook our gut as the source of skin troubles. But if the well-being of our internal organs and energy levels are determined by what we put in our mouths, why shouldn’t the same be true […]


15 Minute Cellulite Treatment: Verju Green Laser

J’ADORE ‘VERJU` Green Laser 15 Minute Cellulite Treatment! Photo credit: What is Verju’? Erchonia’s Verjú laser system is a revolutionary office device designed specifically for the treatment of cellulite. Verju` is the only FDA cleared, clinically proven, non-invasive cellulite laser technology on the market for treating cellulite of […]


Bare Arms: Plastic Surgeon Shares Age-Proofing Secrets

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BARE ARMS! PLASTIC SURGEON SHARES AGE-PROOFING SECRETS Beauty doesn’t stop at the face; it encompasses the whole body, right down to your toes. One of the most overlooked areas of a woman’s body is the arms. You may be able to hide your flabby […]