Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce and More in ‘Watch the Throne’ Documentary

I came across this Watch The Throne mini-documentary today by Robert Lopuski. It shows rare behind the scenes footage of Jay-Z and Kanye West (of course) but you also see stars like Beyonce and Russell Crowe. The footage shows both artists working on the album while in Australia. They turned […]


“Jacob the Jeweler” of Jacob & Co. Shows Us the Diamond Way

Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co. gives the world an inside look into his New York city store and talks about how he got into the jewelry industry in this video by Life + Times. Don’t know who Jacob Arabo is? If you’ve been living under a rock for the […]


Beyonce Returns at Revel Resort and Casino in Atlantic City 1

Beyonce is such an inspiration, I love watching her work. This is behind-the-scenes footage of Beyonce and her crew preparing for her first performance that was just released today. She is set to perform for four nights (May 25 – 28) at the brand new Revel casino and resort in […]


Curly Bangs 3

New year, new hair? To make a long story short, my boyfriend convinced me late last year to let my hair grow out naturally curly. I relax it, and pretty much have been relaxing my hair since middle school. I didn’t know how to handle my curly hair. But now […]