Belen Aranda-Alvarado

Embrace Latin Color

Las Fabulosas: Beauty & Style Embrace Latin Color By Belén Aranda-Alvarado for Las Fabulosas Spring is bursting on the scene in styles that look like they were taken from the most fashionable Latina’s closet. We spoke to Davis Carrasquillo, the New York City-based creative director and fashion editor of 1fashionproductions  […]


Pretty for Primavera

Las Fabulosas: Beauty & Style Pretty for Primavera By Belén Aranda-Alvarado for Las Fabulosas “Pastels are really in this spring season,” says Ermahn Ospina, a Los Angeles–based makeup artist who has worked with celebrities like Rosario Dawson, Carla Gugino and Emmanuelle Chriqui. If you hear the word “pastels” and are […]


Essential Winter Beauty Tips

Las Fabulosas: Beauty & Style By Belén Aranda-Alvarado for Las Fabulosas Longing for the days when the sun lingers on your naturally glowing skin? We are too. Here’s how to keep looking fresh throughout the season. Don’t Wash Your Face Skip the water and try a cleansing towelette or a […]