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I don’t think I need to mention that I’m a Twitterholic. I believe it’s fairly obvious. I tweet by phone via Ping.fm and text messages. I send pics through SnapTweet. What more could I want? Something that never came to mind is improving my Twitter experience online, on my own actual Twitter home page itself.

Power Twitter Search

Power Twitter is a Firefox add-on (or plug-in) that improves your Twitter experience on the web. How does it accomplish this? Well first of all, it adds a search bar underneath your Twitter stats where you could search for anything from keywords to usernames. Also, when you click on your @Replies tab it doesn’t only show tweets that start with @Your-Username, it shows all tweets that have your @Your-Username located anywhere in the tweet.

Power Twitter Twitpic

Two of my favorite features of Power Twitter are that you could view pictures (from Flickr and Twitpic) and videos (from YouTube) right in your time line. You don’t have to click on the link, you could view the pictures right there. However for videos you just see a screenshot of the video You can view the video in your timeline, and when you click on the video it sends you to the YouTube video page. It would be nice to be able to watch the video in the timeline but I think it’s still pretty neat seeing a preview (screenshot) of the video before clicking on the link.

Power Twitter YouTube Video

Another feature included in this plug-in is when you roll your mouse over a person’s avatar, you see a list of their most recent status updates. And when viewing tweets themselves, Power Twitter automatically gets the title of the page people link to so you could see where the person is linking to. This is of course very useful because many people use tiny url redirects (such as tinyurl, is.gd, etc) and when they do you never really know what they are linking to. Now with Power Twitter, you do! 🙂 They also add a little Retweet button (the gray square that reads RT) so that when you click on it, it adds the link to your updates box so you could easily retweet any link!

Power Twitter Links and ReTweet

Finally, they also added a Facebook tab on the right so that when you are signed into your Facebook account you could view the status updates of your friends right on your Twitter page. I don’t use this feature but I thought I’d mention it for all you Facebook-heads out there.

The first time I installed Power Twitter it was a little buggy and cut short an update I posted online. Since then they have fixed that bug and I have not encountered any problems since. I’m sure they will be fixing any problems and adding more awesome features in the future. In the meantime I recommend this add-on if you frequent your Twitter home page and use Firefox!

Get Power Twitter here: Power Twitter :: Firefox Add-ons

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4 thoughts on “Power Twitter

  • Jrela2000

    I had got power twitter right after I started using twitter so I had no idea really what was the difference. lol. Thanks for this.

  • Rolando

    Oh man that last thing I need to do is to make Twitting easier lol. Once I get started it’s hard to stop. ok twist my arm, I’ll try it out on my test laptop haha.

  • admin Post author

    JRela2000 – I know I was surprised to see it’s been around for a while ! Was too buggy though so it’s cool to see it improving.

    Rolando – LOL Hope you like it! I make you try everything huh 😛

    Dave – Sign up I’ll show you! 😀