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Within this past year there have been a countless number of sites created that are similar to Twitter. When Twitter was down in the dumps and nothing seemed to be working right, many of my fellow Twitterers went on to seek a replacement for Twitter. I was one of those people and joined sites like Pownce, FriendFeed, BrightKite, and Plurk.

I still stuck with Twitter though and eventually they got their stuff together and everything has been ok since. But once I was 100% back on Twitter, I found myself trying to stay active on all of the other social sites but it was difficult for me because I’d have to either pick which site to update my status on, or enter the same post for each site! I ended up neglecting all of the other sites which sucked because some of my buddies were sticking to those sites and were not planning on going back to Twitter.

Enter updates all of your social networking sites with just one post. I do two different types of posting on Ping. For micro-blogs (which for me is anything that isn’t a status one-liner that explains what I’m doing) I use Ping to send my post to Twitter, Plurk, Pownce, Tumblr,, BrightKite, FriendFeed, Bebo, Kwippy, Rejaw, and Yahoo 360.

For status updates I have my posts go to all of the above sites plus Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Plaxo Pulse, and Mashable. Ping is continuously adding sites by the way, I’m sure there’s more now that I have not looked into yet. was also connected to Delicious. It would add any link you posted to your Delicious account. Unfortunately this isn’t working for me anymore. I wonder if it’s just me? Screenshot

Anyways, I ping online and also bookmarked the mobile site on my N95 so I could “ping” on the go, and it updates all websites with my posts. They also have an iPhone friendy version (I never tried it… no iphone here) and you could update via instant messenger as well.

It doesn’t get any easier than this my friends 🙂

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5 thoughts on “ – My Online Social Sidekick

  • robin is a nice service indeed. The only downside is that people tend to sign up for every single network available, start pinging it, but never actually go to that network to check on replies… But besides that: kick ass tool!

  • admin Post author

    @Rolando You are awesome! lol. Hope you like Ping as much as I do!

    @Robin Eek. I’m guilty of that, too! But I do try to check the other sites from time to time.

  • Sal

    You said you looked into other twitter replacements … have you looked at Jaiku? I find it to be much nicer and to my liking than twitter. Plus, it has been purchased by Google so you can imagine service interrupts will be minimal once its out of beta. Oh and another web2.0 site you might find interesting if you haven’t found already is … its a more intelligent version of tinyurl. Just some tings I wanted to share.