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Last year I blogged about how awesome being on the Pinecone Research Panel was and it made me want to find out if there were any other equally awesome ways to make money online. So I checked out many sites and came across and decided to check out if they were legit or not. They are legit… but I’m not recommending them unless you really (really really really) need every penny you could get and are willing to wait a very long time to get paid.

SendEarnings offers many different ways to earn money. I decided to just make money by reading emails – which explains why it took me over a year to get paid (you can request your check once you have earned $30). Once you sign up you can receive paid email which are emails they send you with information and links. When you click on the link you earn yourself a penny or two. Which is totally understandable because you ARE just getting paid to click on links. The email links lead you to various sites with new products, information about health conditions or financial aid, special offers and more. Some of these emails give you a chance to earn more money by signing up for their particular site or service. I’ve seen many of these types of offers and the extra money you could earn usually ranges from about 50 cents to $5.

Usually to earn extra money you have to provide your information (name, address, telephone number, email) to the website that SendEarnings has linked you to. I personally do not like giving my information out so I passed a majority of these extra offers up. However if you don’t mind giving your info out to earn extra money then knock yourself out! You probably won’t have to wait a year for a $27 check like me! I did take part in some of these offers though: signed up to receive health information, signed up for a newsletter, and registered for some online survey sites. And SendEarnings DID credit me for all of them. They have a page where you can view your current earnings to keep track of how much money you have earned which I thought was great.

Other extra money offers via email included trying out things like Netflix, which you would eventually have to pay monthly for but I thought it was kinda neat to earn some extra cash just to sign up for something you were planning on paying for anyways.

As I mentioned above, you have to earn $30 to request a check, and it took me over a year to earn that through clicking on emails alone. While on vacation I’d read these emails daily. But when I’m busy I read them once a week (those emails can pile up) which was fine except a few emails would expire because I read them too late. This was really not a big deal, I mean I AM just clicking on links.

Besides it taking forever to earn money on, I only have two complaints about them. They’re supposed to credit you when you refer a member who is active, and that never happened. Second, I requested my check on March 13th because I FINALLY reached $30 and they notified me that my check will be processed on May 3rd, which I expected. However they also stated that “Payments are not processed on inactive accounts. You must stay active by confirming your Paid Email messages or your payment request will be removed.” 😐 Not cool SendEarnings, not cool! So I had to keep clicking emails until I got my check! I got it now so I’m done! No mas!

All in all though, SendEarnings is a legit company and a good way to make a buck here and there through their special cash offers, using their grocery coupons, shopping online and… reading emails 😐 The best way to use SendEarnings, in my opinon, is for items or services that you planned on purchasing anyways… but with SendEarnings you make a few extra bucks from it. It’s not much but can add up in the long (longgggg) run 🙂


I included photos of the check I just received this week as proof that SendEarnings is a legit company and I am going to deposit it today!

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11 thoughts on “Send Earnings Review

  • Rhonda

    I just signed up wondering how the check went when you deposited it? I am weary about checks–how did it go?

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hi Rhonda, I got the money thank goodness 🙂 The check didn’t bounce or anything, it went through. So go for it! Good luck!

  • LenLam

    The biggest problem with sendearnings is there IS NOT any customer service. No onsite help and emails go unanswered. Very very frustrating!!!

  • Kim

    thanks for posting this – the check makes me feel better about being a part of SendEarnings. I just signed up for it in August and I see my pennies adding up – it takes a long time to reach $30 but like you said, you are getting paid just to click on a link. That’s pennies I’m earning for things I do anyway lol! 🙂

    The only thing I was worried about was the check being cashed.. did you cash it and have the money put in your bank account? Or can you just have it cashed at a check-cashing place?

  • kristy

    you have to watch out I tried to cash a check and the bank wasn’t real so I would look at the bank name first

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Wow really? I didn’t have a problem with SendEarnings, I deposited the check with no problems. I did not have it cashed at a cash-checking place, I just put the money in my bank account.

  • Kaneala40

    HI i just joined sending earnings.So far ok has anyone been on this site for a year or more ????I f so may be able to tell me how it pans out.Thanks good luck to all of us

  • dee

    i want to warn everyone to PLEASE not register for this site, i really depended on my earnings and, have lost a lot of time, and effort, that i can never get back… here is what happened…

    i’ve spent the last hour struggling with sendearnings “customer service” (in quotes because u WON’T get any help) – i was supposed to receive $1 for registering for their partner worldwinner and playing my first game …i didn’t receive it,

    and despite having confirmation emails from worldwinner after registering, and even having screen captures (pictures of my screen) of the worldwinner page congratulating me on registering, and having played my first game, sendearnings customer service just plain DIDN’T CARE –

    and i also have been doing daily searches for them, and i make sure my searches are quality searches, and i keep track…it is time consuming and GRUELING, and well every day there’ll be some searches they didnt count –

    and then on the weekend if you’ve searched four or more days you’re supposed to receive a loyalty bonus of 5 cents, and of course i didn’t–i did QUALIFYING searches on at least four days, because four days this week i received credit (BUT not the amount i should have received!) …and the duplicitous agent tried to claim that i may have searched four days but my searches didn’t QUALIFY for those four days …but i received credit on four days so i must have done qualifying searches –

    but they also DON’T ALLOW YOU to see a detailed history of your earnings for more than two days, SO THEY MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO PROVE, OR EVEN CHECK, that u did qualifying searches – and this applies to ANY offer you complete for them, even ones that cost you money …you have no way of being able to prove, or even check, beyond the last two days, whether you’ve received credit for something………..

    and then the USELESS rep kept telling me just that their company is “independent” – which means, what? that they DON’T ANSWER TO ANYONE!

    and then the rep DISCONNECTED me!

    and now, i’ve spent countless hours of my life trying to work up to the *$30 minimum* (even with a $5 startup bonus, try getting up to $30, a few pennies at a time!) they require before you can be paid, and i either have to STOP and just never get the money i earned, or i have to keep attempting to get to the minimum, when they don’t credit me honestly – and they get to keep earning off my work while i do?

    PLEASE, to anyone who hasn’t registered for this site, PLEASE DON’T, it will cost u a lot of hard work, and aggravation and you’ll wind up getting nothing!

    i am desperately trying to spread the word! someone should go to the better business bureau about them – i am considering it!

  • deb

    hi gang! I so agree with Dee.. I just spent 12 hrs straight working on a task of 10 pages or you don’t get paid.
    You have to research various businesses and categorize them tagging them in as many categories as you can.

    I worked very hard through the night and had 100% accuracy. Man, I kept thinking there is no end to this. one page after another and it wouldn’t count through the pages correctly. Finally, I get to the 6 page and decide to leave browser open and get some sleep.

    I came back a few hours later and worked on it again for a few hours and made it to the 8 page thinking two more pages to go, by then I couldn’t even remember how much that task was even worth? lol

    All of a sudden when I got back to the top of the 9th page… It says Sorry but you don’t qualify for this task! Seriously!!! I’m not a cussing lady but @$%^$%&#!!! that sucked so much.. all that work.. and what did they mean I didn’t qualify after all that time

  • monalisa

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