KGB – Knowledge Generation Bureau Review 5

Have you guys seen these commercials yet? For KGB?

Well one night I couldn’t get the thought of me wanting tinted tail lights for my SUV out of my mind. I know it’s illegal in some states but when searching the net to see if it was legal or not in California I saw people saying yes and no. Some said no, others said yes but it can’t be completely smoked out (you have to see the reflectors, etc). The one thing that is definitely illegal here is having your head lights tinted. Tail lights were iffy.

So I remembered KGB which answers any question via text message for 99 cents and decided to text them to see what they’d say…

Me (10:58 pm): Are tinted car taillights illegal in California?
KGB (10:58 pm): We’re researching your answer.Std msg rates apply. Answers only 99c. We never spam & you’re not subscribed to anything. Txt HELP for more info, STOP to cancel

(I thought that was cool that they give users the chance to cancel it, especially if they didn’t know it was going to cost them 99 cents)

KGB (11:02 pm): Not Legal Advice: It is illegal to have tinted tail lights in California. kgb_team

I was bummed that they said it was illegal, but I also realized that KGB didn’t give a very detailed answer. So if you want details, you have to be much more specific with your questions.

The next day I decided to be more specific and curiosity got the best of me as well, this is what was texted..

Me (8:31 am): Where exactly does it say that tinting car tail lights is illegal in California (dmv law code/ section)?
KGB (8:39 am): CALIFORNIA CODES VEHICLE CODE SECTION 26700-26712 doesn’t really mention it specifically. kgb_team

Me (8:46 am): Do you KGB employees google (or use internet searches) our questions to get the answers or are you geniuses?
KGB (8:48 am): It’s a combination of both, if our genius minds get stumped, then yes we do refer to internet search engines! kgb_team

LOL! Well, one thing I loved about KGB is that they respond quickly. For basic questions (ie. asking about movie times, the weather, etc) they have some software handle those while they have their “KGB Special Agents” answer more complex questions. Overall I was completely satisfied with their service. Of course I could look up things myself online but when I’m complete stumped (and or too lazy to look something up… like the DMV California law codes)… I’ll definitely text KGB again. (Might even have them help me with some chemistry homework? Who knows LOL!)

For more info check out and

PS. I still want tinted tail lights… I read the law codes and I am not completely convinced (it could be my stubbornness)… to be continued!

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5 thoughts on “KGB – Knowledge Generation Bureau Review

  • John

    wow – what a segue….from Redefining Gel-Cream to illegal tinted tail lights.


    BUT – for $1.75 I would have answered you with the correct answer
    California V.C. 24600.(e) is the bad boy you don’t want to violate.
    “(e) Taillamps shall be red in color and shall be plainly visible from all distances within 500 feet to the rear except that taillamps on vehicles manufactured after January 1, 1969, shall be plainly visible from all distances within 1,000 feet to the rear.”

    But since you so informed me about Redefining Gel-Cream… this one is on the house!

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Ok… John… Hear me out here ok (lol)…

    I don’t want it completely smoked out, I want a light tint… like this:

    Light Tint Tail Light 1
    Light Tint Tail Light 2

    You can still see the red, right?

    As opposed to the dark tint, which I think is SO SEXY on black cars (my SUV is black) but I won’t do it because I know for sure that’s illegal:

    Medium/Dark Tint

    So what do you think about the light tinted ones? Come onnnnn! lol

  • John

    — maria, maria, maria…..
    very well… my freebie answer was apparently not good enough, hence – I shall consult with the NON-TINTED Crystal Ball and return with an answer —

  • John

    Here is the unofficial official word !

    ” I would say the tail light covers can be whatever color you want them, but when the lights are turned on at night or when the brake is applied, they HAVE to show red. Otherwise…. ”

    so… in my humble opinion… change the color of the car to complement your very RED tail lights…

    Personally….. I want to melt into the background, and draw as LITTLE attention to me – period.

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    LOLL @ NON-TINTED Crystal Ball… you have me cracking up!

    Thank you so much John. You’re awesome! I can be a bit stubborn when I have my mind set on something. It’s true that it is best to draw little attention to yourself… that has been the case for me. But I like to be different and really don’t like seeing others with the exact same car as me (silly as it sounds I know). Just want to personalize it a bit I guess.

    But yea we’ll see…