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Can you keep a secret? Well…? Can you? We all have secrets… about others, about ourselves… and there’s always this great pressure to just let it out. Fortunately for us there are many ways you could do just that… anonymously!

Girl secret confession

I don’t know if many people know about Post Secret, it has been around for a long time. Post Secret is an art project that allows people to mail in their secrets anonymously on a postcard. I always found it so interesting to see how creative people got when confessing their secrets in this way. Post Secret got so big that they have a few books out that is full of secrets that they received: PostSecret, My Secret, The Secret Lives of Men and Women, and A Lifetime of Secrets. Post Secret even has an internationally travelling art exhibit that displays secret postcards that they have received.

While the idea of letting out a secret in that form is great and I considered doing it… I never did it. But they sure are fun to read and see 🙂 Check out

So I forgot all about this spilling of secrets stuff until one day I discovered You share your secrets anonymously on the site and the secrets get tweeted on Twitter. I thought it was a great idea and followed @SecretTweet and received updates on others’ secret confessions.

Then quite a while later I got a new follower on Twitter… @CheckMySecret. Which is essentially the same as SecretTweet but offered some more advantages. The great thing about is that you could type more. CheckMySecret allows about 700 characters, while SecretTweet allows only 135- so you have to keep your secret super short. Also from what I’ve seen, CheckMySecret has more of a community feel to it. Much more people comment on the anonymous secrets and they rate secrets as well. And not only can you see the latest secrets, but you could also view the most commented and top rated secrets as well. This makes it very entertaining.. like this secret for example:

I forgot to feed my girlfriends cat while she was gone on vacation with her family. I came back to check on it after a week and it was dead. Im worried it may have been my fault for not feeding it and i feel terrible about it.
– 24 year old male


The only complaint I have for both sites is they don’t tweet new secrets as often and as consistently as I would like.. but oh well. Being able to share your secrets online is very convenient, and therapeutic. Yes… I have shared a secret or two online 😉

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7 thoughts on “Can you keep a secret?

  • dave

    Interesting hehe, I had never heard about it.
    Let’s wait for a ‘I have killed someone’ secret, haha that would be scary but funny too in a way. Will the site admins tell the police? Will it remain as a secret? 😛

    Now I wonder about your secrets … hahah .. I may read all the posted ones and try to discover which one is yours 😛
    Or maybe I can share mines .. do I have secrets? xD

  • admin Post author

    @Dave Lol I wonder what they would do if there was a “killing” secret, and you can’t find my secret there are too many 😛

    @Rolando [email protected] DAANNNGGG! Yea I was afraid to post as well, SecretTweet showed proof it was totally anonymous. Not sure about CheckMySecret. It took me a while to actually post a secret. You know you want to 😉 haha jk!

  • admin Post author

    Mine is the one that has a bunch of words, letters, and vowels in it 😮 It has some sentences and is on that one website where you can post secrets!

    Ok post your secret now 😀

  • rajoo6

    what is a secret… to publish in website! looks total contradiction.
    any how, sharing secret is always spicy and interesting.. sometimes disturbing too..
    it is the first i have come to know of such a site for blowing up secrets!
    your article is interesting. keep it up.