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I was browsing Google+ the other night when I saw a link (from Francisco) to a post that listed 400 free online courses from top universities. I’ve heard about free course offerings but never really looked into it and I was so surprised to see such a wide variety of courses being offered by universities such as Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, Notre Dame, and the awesome UCLA! 😉

Finals are around the corner for me so it is insane of me to be looking at these courses right now but eventually I do want to listen in on or watch the lectures of these amazing professors.

Some courses that I’m going to look into are:

These are just the ones I am interested in. There are more courses under the subjects I have brought up here and other subjects include: Public Health, Physics, Natural Resources, Mathematics, Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical), Artificial Intelligence, Chemistry, Astronomy, Aeronautics, Urban Studies, Sociology, Religion, Political Science, International Relations and Law, Music, Literature, Linguistics, Law, Languages, Geography, Film, Economics, Classics & Classical World, Art & Art History, Architecture and Archaeology. To see the whole list of 400 Free Online Courses click here.

Don’t see anything you like? Check out all of the courses offered by the following universities, and even offers free courses where you receive courses via email on a daily or weekly basis!

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