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As you all should know by now, most of the sites or applications I recommend are just things that make life a bit easier (like Digsby and Ping.fm). Well today I’ll be talking about something else that makes my life a whole lot easier… Evernote.

Before Evernote, everytime there was something on the internet I found useful or wanted to remember, I’d highlight and copy the text, open up Notepad, paste the information and try to cleverly name the file so that I could find it later. I have a folders full of these notes. This was a fine way of handling notes, but guess what makes note taking even easier? Yep, Evernote.

Now I have an Evernote account and a FireFox Evernote plugin so that I can quickly copy text and images to my account. These text and image files can be easily found through search and you can tag and organize your notes any way you’d like. Not only that, but evernote has text recognition for images so say that you take a photo that has the word “dog” in it, if you search your notes for the word “dog”… that image will show up! Pretty cool, eh?

Evernote also has convenient applications for your mobile phone. You can access your notes on your computer or anywhere by going to their site and signing into your account. This comes in handy when you want to access your notes anywhere.

As an N95 owner, I do have one complaint about Evernote. They have Evernote apps for the iPhone and Windows Mobile but nothing for my Nokia N95 or any phones running on the Symbian OS. This is a huge market they are missing out on, and I hope they build something for us quickly 🙂 With these applications you can take photos and save them to your Evernote account and of course create text notes and access all of your notes on the go.

Besides the phone issue for me, I still highly recommend Evernote! To check it out go to Evernote.com.

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5 thoughts on “Evernote Review

  • Cidalia Martins

    I agree that Evernote for Symbian would be nice. I just got my hands on a Nokia E71 and the only thing missing is Evernote.

  • Adam

    I installed Evernote today, and as soon as I did my computer froze then completely crashed and I had to restart 5 times before my computer would boot normally, possibly a “Vista” problem? Once I realized you had to create an “online account” I decided to uninstall it. First I won’t pay for this service, and second, if corporations as large and seemingly loyal as AT&T will volunteer to hand over all information about you and offer to tap your phone, against your constitutional rights, I refuse to trust online storage solutions.

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Adam, I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. Did you ever find out what went wrong? And I’m not paying for EverNote, I’m using the free version.