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I decided to blog about an application I use on a daily basis – Digsby. What is Digsby? A time-saver, especially for people like me! One username and password gives me access to all of my e-mail, instant messenger, and social networking accounts.

Digsby is an application that allows you to access a wide variety of accounts on the net. Now I know that there are other programs that can essentially do the same thing but what got me into Digsby was that it connected to Twitter, Facebook and MySpace as well. So how do I use Digsby?

Instant Messenger

I connect to my instant messenger accounts on it. Digsby allows you to connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber instant messengers, and Facebook Chat. If you have multiple accounts for a service, such as Yahoo IM, you could go ahead and add them – there is no limit. You get to choose which accounts you would like to sign-on to. The instant messenger on Digsby has all of the features instant messaging has to offer including: block users, add contacts, invisibility, status updates, transfer files, web cam support, personal avatars, view users IM profile, etc. What I like about Digsby is you can change your theme and edit the way your IM chat looks.

Digsby Instant Messenger


I have A MILLION e-mail addresses, and Microsoft Outlook is dreadfully s-l-o-w (with only 2 email accounts on it by the way). I have multiple email accounts for projects, friends, family, work, college, junk, etc. and it was so hard to keep up with all of them. I mean really, who wants to sign into and check a million email accounts everyday? I wasn’t able to and ended up missing important information in neglected email accounts.

Digsby Email

Now… every morning all I have to do is sign onto Digsby and it checks all of my emails (even Yahoo mail) and alerts me if I have new mail. If I don’t see the alert, the number of new mail is shown in the notification area of the taskbar. What I love about Digsby email is that you don’t just get alerts when you receive new mail, you could also see who the sender is and the subject of the email right there on Digsby without having to go to your inbox on the net. From the Digsby application you can choose to go to your email inbox, compose an email, open the specific email, mark it as read, delete it, or report it as spam. Totally convenient!

Social Networking

And finally, like I mentioned before you can connect Digsby to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. You receive updates (new messages, updated status, upcoming birthdays, etc.) based on whatever site it is. I no longer have to sign into websites one by one, Digsby puts all of the most important information right there in front of you in a neat little package. Highly recommended!

MySpace Facebook Twitter on Digsby
Screen shots of Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter on Digsby. You could view each individually.

Get more information and download Digsby for FREE on the official site for Digsby, Digsby.com.

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