A New Fave: Knomo Bags & Sleeves

It has been quite a while since I have blogged, I’ve been busy with school and work and what not. But I have always intended on blogging again when I finally “settled down”. Well, things have been crazy hectic and I think this is the most settled I’ll ever get so here we go 🙂 As many of you know I FINALLY purchased a (13″) Macbook (I know all my Apple buddies celebrated lol). I love my Macbook and soon after was on a mission to find a sleeve or case for it.

So my boyfriend recently visited and tried to help me find something that I like. I looked online and we went to the Apple store, Best Buy, etc… I didn’t see ANYTHING I liked. If you know me, you know that I don’t like buying things that I’m “eh” about. But it was coming to that point where I was starting to realize that I’d just have to stop being picky and just buy something. That is, until I browsed the online Apple store and came across a Knomo bag. It was a red Knomo Teeli bag that caught my eye and I fell in love with it. But it only came in a size that was too big for my 13″ Macbook… so I found Knomo’s website and fell in love again… over and over again!

Knomo sleeveKnomo offers great sleeves and bags for your laptop. I purchased a sleeve that my 13″ Macbook fits perfectly in. I was surprised when I received my small Knomo sleeve because while I WAS expecting the great design and high quality, I was NOT expecting it to be so strong and sturdy. Turns out Knomo bags have a great protection system for your laptop. Each Knomo bag is encased with 15mm of high density shock resistant foam to absorb any hard knocks against your laptop. Then of course they have the additional padded pocket that cushions the laptop.

Knomo sleeveAll in all I am VERY happy with my new Knomo sleeve and am definitely looking forward to getting more Knomo bags later. They currently have more styles for larger laptops which makes me want to get a new, bigger laptop just so I could have an excuse to get those bags LOL! The inside of the sleeve is super soft, and seems to keep my Macbook clean while protecting it. When I showed my boyfriend the sleeve I purchased he even said that it doesn’t look like a sleeve and that it looks like a purse, which is absolutely true. All of Knomo’s bags look like sleek quality bags or purses that offer great protection for your precious laptop. Yes there are many stylish women’s bags, but they have designs for men too! Highly recommended.

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