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This morning I was lucky enough to get a chance to speak with celebrity fashion stylist, image consultant and founder of Trendy Inc. Irma Martinez. Not only has Irma worked with countless celebrities (including Shakira, Chayanne, Thalia and Enrique Iglesias among others) but she has also been the person in charge of overall styling in TV productions like the Latin Grammy’s, Univision’s Premios Lo Nuestro and Premios Juventud and the Latin Billboards.

Irma was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to speak with me and answer my questions. I knew that she was born in Colombia and has 7 siblings so I was curious and asked her if her siblings ever call her and ask for fashion tips or advice (I know I would)! Surprisingly, she said no! At least not as much as they should she said. Sometimes she sees them and asks “Why didn’t you call me?” because, after all… it is her specialty. When asked who she would like to work with that she hasn’t worked with already she said there were many people she would love to work with, but named both Jennifer Lopez and Madonna as two people who top her list.

I also asked her who she had the most fun working with and of course, I should have known it would be Paulina Rubio. “Paulina is a risk taker” Irma stated, adding that Paulina knows the fashion world and isn’t afraid to try the latest clothing and accessories. As for the men she enjoyed working with Chayanne and Luis Fonsi. They have the “coolest personal style” which makes working with them easier and fun since they know their own style.

After getting my celebrity curiosity questions out of the way, I started asking Irma for shopping tips!

So, first things first: I was given a $25 gift card (from an employer) to Target over a week ago and HELLO… it’s not everyday you get to talk to a successful fashion stylist… so of course I asked her “What should I get?”

Sonia Kashuk Collection

Irma admitted that it’s hard to decide because Target is full of high quality designer brand items with low prices, but she recommended the makeup collection by Sonia Kashuk. Sonia Kashuk offers quality makeup brushes and makeup for a cheap price. Irma knows quite a few people who use and love Sonia Kashuk’s products and they make great gifts as well since they come in beautiful silver and gold boxes and packaging.

Don’t worry though, I wasn’t just thinking of myself when speaking with Irma. I also asked if if she has any advice for men who are shopping for women but more specifically… Latinas!


She said it can be very hard to shop for Latinas but remember that we like details. Put some thought into the gift because what you ultimately buy shows that you were thinking about us. Latinas like gifts that are “sweet and sexy” at the same time. For example she mentioned the Anna Sheffield jewelry collection (that will only be available for a limited time guys!) The jewelry is beautiful and Target also has many cards that could add a more personalized touch and be a great addition to any gift. (And I agree – take notes, guys!)

Finally, I asked what are the other must-haves that are out there this season.


There is something for everyone at Target and what makes it even better is that it is affordable. Irma mentioned that she has a 15 year old and gifts she liked for teens were the Remington Printed Straightener and Hair Dryer and makeup kits for just $9.99. There’s also the Carlos Falchi bags, which usually can cost up to $4,000 but you can also shop his line at Target at affordable prices for about $29.99 to $39.99! Just like this Faux-Snakeskin Collage Flap Hobo in Gray for $39.99…

Carlos Falchi bag


For men she mentioned boxers, toolboxes and or games like Guitar Hero, the Wii or any of the appliances and gadgets they have at Target. They even have an electric guitar custom designed by Adam Levine of Maroon 5!

One gift idea I absolutely loved for young girls (or even collectors) is the 7-Pack Ultimate Disney Princess Collection that is available only at Target!

Disney Princess Collection

There are also great, intricately designed ornaments and table sets by Marcel Wanders that I happen to love!


Irma also recommended the Target gift card. With her busy schedule what she does is just get on the computer at the end of the day and order everything. She loves the convenience and how everything you need is right there online, available all the time! I couldn’t agree more.

I hope you all found this information useful, especially for you last minute shoppers out there! You can’t go wrong with Target.

Also check out for the latest projects and more information about Irma Martinez!

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