Winterize Your Body! A 4-Part Cold and Flu Defense

Cold and Flu Defense

Consumers spend countless hours and millions of dollars working to “winterize” their homes, their cars, even their clothes… but not themselves! It is National Influenza Vaccination Week, the perfect time for people to prepare their bodies for the health risks of colder weather.

Dr Douglas Lord
Dr. Douglas Lord

Protecting yourself against the flu with a shot shouldn’t be the only way you ward off seasonal illnesses. Dr. Douglas Lord, Medical Director for Nava Health and Vitality Centers (, uses his 40-plus years in medicine to build a 4-Part Defense against cold and flu season!

Dr. Lord’s 4-Part Cold & Flu Defense

1. Not just any old flu vaccine

Many consumers don’t realize that some commercially available flu vaccines contain preservatives like mercury and aluminum. Find a provider that uses pre-filled syringes, which don’t require any preservatives. What’s more, consumers with egg allergies should research where they can find flu vaccines cultured in cells without the use of chicken eggs, as many flu vaccines are.

2. Augment with special treatments

Cold and flu protection shouldn’t end with just a flu shot. Consumers can look into treatments that offer a higher level of protection, such as IV Micronutrient Therapy, which delivers a mix of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream for optimal absorption. One such IV treatment ”Myers Cold & Flu” contains healthy components like a double dose of Vitamin C, Folic Acid for cell regeneration, Potassium for electrolyte replacement, Magnesium for muscle relaxation, and B-Complex for cell metabolism and adrenal support.

3. Supplement your immune system daily

Our immune system’s goal is to recognize and destroy threats to our health. There are a few daily supplements consumers can take, such as Transfer Immune Factor, that provides tiny protein molecules that help the immune system fight. It does this by working to activate white blood cells, provide effective antioxidant properties, and isolate foreign particles in the bloodstream.

4. Be proactive with antioxidants

Supply your body with more than enough antioxidants through your diet and additional supplements. For your diet, increase your intake of foods like blueberries, nuts, and dark green vegetables. For supplements, daily doses of Enhansa, derived from curcumin, a substance extracted from Turmeric which is known to have antioxidant properties that help reduce inflammation. It not only stimulates the body’s natural production of glutathione, which is often called the body’s “most important natural antioxidant”, it also helps rid the body of toxins and promote healing while offering anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

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