* Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. Take all precautions necessary to ensure your safety during each exercise routine *

Tone It Up Workouts


P90X Workouts

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Cardiovascular (aerobic) Workouts cardio aerobic workouts
* It is generally recommended that people get 150 minutes of moderate intensity OR 75 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic exercise per week.
Cardiovascular workouts are exercises that get your heart rate up and increases blood circulation throughout your body. With cardio workouts you burn calories, improve heart health (you’re working out your heart muscle!) and increase metabolism.

Dance Workouts
* In general, this counts as cardio/aerobic exercise
Dance workouts are just plain fun! If you are tired of regular workouts or you don’t want to actually feel like you are working out, this is one of the type of workouts I recommend. Not only is this a good cardio workout, dancing requires you to remember dance steps which will also increase your brain power by improving memory skills.

Kickboxing Workouts patricia-moreno-cardio-burn-kickbox
* In general, this counts as cardio/aerobic exercise
Kickboxing exercises combine both martial arts techniques and cardio. These workouts are probably my favorite! They are great stress relievers (you can pretend you are punching or kicking that annoying person in your life) and in a way, you are learning how to defend yourself.

Pilates Pilates-workout
* NOT cardio
Pilates is a gentle body conditioning routine that strengthens the core muscles of your body such as your abs and back muscles that support the spine. Pilates elongates and strengthens your muscles as well as improve flexibility. I have also found that it has improved my posture… no more slouching! While the focus is your core, you will find that your legs and arms can get a bit of a workout as well depending on the routine.

Weights / Strength Training Exercises free-online-workouts
* May or may NOT be cardio
These workouts include weights / dumbbells in the routine so if you have weights, bring them out! Don’t worry ladies, you won’t get bulky muscles and everyone needs to incorporate some type of strength training in their workout routine. The obvious benefit is having sleeker, more toned muscles. But strength training will also improve your metabolism which helps keep your weight under control and improve weight loss. Not only that, lifting weights increases your bone density! This is especially a problem for us women since we lose bone mass as we age, and that puts us at a greater risk for fractures. Even if you start out with 1-lb dumbbells, just do it!
Yoga rodney-yee-yoga
* NOT cardio
Yoga improves flexibility, strength and posture. It reduces stress and also improves your lung capacity through the deep, mindful breathing that is involved in many routines. There are different styles of yoga, so if you try one and hate it… try another style! I find that I like certain poses and strength building styles such as ashtanga for muscle tone. There are also less vigorous styles (Iyengar, hatha) that have less movement and more precise alignment in poses that improves strength and endurance.

Not convinced? Tony Horton explains why you NEED YOGA in your life!

Ab Workouts
* May or may NOT be cardio
These workouts either include some abdominal exercises in them, or the whole routine is focused on flattening the tummy! No more beer belly or muffin top!
Upper Body Workouts Victoria Secret Model Doutzen Kroes Arm Workout
* May or may NOT be cardio
These upper body exercises target your arms (biceps, triceps), shoulders, chest and back. These usually require weights.

Lower Body Workouts lower-body-workouts
* NOT cardio
These lower body exercises are great for your calves, legs, hips, thighs, and butt!


Fabulously Fit Moms
Workouts by Jennifer Nicole Lee that provides the fitness enthusiast with a rich selection to choose from based on her fitness needs and goals. These workouts are challenging and not only for moms!
The Firm The_Firm_logo
The FIRM body sculpting system combines aerobics with weights to dramatically improve your overall fitness.
Gaiam Wake Up Workout gaiam-wake-up-workout
Gaiam’s Wake Up Work Out is a morning fitness programming block designed to allow viewers to start “living their best lives” every day.
Nike Training Club
These workouts are based on the popular Nike Training Club app. Nike Training Club gives you your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere. Get lean, toned and strong with more than 114 custom-built workouts.
Tae Bo
Designed by 7 times World Martial Arts champion Billy Blanks, Tae-Bo is mixture of boxing punches and martial arts kicks. Tae-Bo is fun and easy cardio workout.
Winsor Pilates winsor-pilates-logo
Winsor Pilates has a modern interpretation of Pilates that involves dynamic stretching. This unique fitness system helps your body stay lean and sculptured owing to the series of mat exercises performed in dynamic sequences.