Eat Your Way To Six Pack Abs

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There’s no question about it, getting six pack abs is going to be predominately a factor of eating right. If you aren’t watching the foods you put in your mouth with each and every meal, success will elude you. If you were to gather a group of people in a room who have already achieved six pack abs and asked them their number one tip for results, 90% of them would state diet. It really is that important. New York Certified Fitness trainer and nutritionist Franci Cohen says, “All the hard work you do in the gym will not reveal your abs until you eliminate sugar. If you feel like a hamster on a treadmill and are fed up with doing endless crunches for minimal results, it is time you turn to your kitchen. If you are in this category go into your kitchen to take a closer look at what could be hindering your progress.”

There is no miraculous way of obtaining six pack abs. Your abs exist within that layer of extra fat in your body. To get six-pack abs, it is essential that you follow a healthy diet which is rich in nutrient content, low in calories, carbohydrates and fat content as well as contains surplus amounts of protein. Proper nutrition makes it easier and faster for you to achieve your fitness target.

Franci Cohen says that, “Many people spend endless hours in the gym in the dreaming of getting an “ideal” body but they fail to do so because they don’t follow a proper diet plan. Sculpting abs is no easy task as abs are the region where fat accumulates first and gets removed first. Above all, if you keep accruing fat by eating unsuitable foods, then it will become really very difficult for you to get rid of that fat. That is why you should limit your fat and carb intake and opt for healthy eating habits.”

Healthy diet which is rich in nutrient content, as well as contains surplus amounts of protein. Proper nutrition makes it easier and faster for you to achieve your fitness target.

There are foods that you can include in your daily meals that will act as great substitutes to unhealthy foods and even satisfy your taste buds:

Oatmeal: Oats are low calorie and high fiber foods. Oats help regulate the sugar level in your body. Limiting sugar intake is an absolute must for good sculpted abdominal muscles. It is even good food for lowering bad cholesterol levels. The best case for choosing oatmeal is high fiber content. Fibers take time to get digested. So when you eat this meal your hunger will get suppressed and you will feel full all the time. Thus, you will be less prone to eat again and again.

Boiled eggs: Boiled eggs can give a kick start to your mornings. Eating the white part of egg can give you fantastic results. Boiled eggs can help in gaining muscle mass. Eggs are a great source of protein which is very helpful in the muscle mass building process, as without protein, your muscles won’t grow.

Milk: Milk plays a vital role in building your abs and cutting down calories. It is a great source of protein too. Start your day with one full glass of milk and see the benefits yourself. In case you don’t like the taste of milk, you can add flavor powder or syrup for taste. Using sugar free products as additions is a must. For instance, whey protein has a good amount of protein content that will help you in building lean muscle mass.

Chicken: Chicken is a great source of obtaining lean proteins. If you are on a six pack abs mission, don’t forget to include chicken in your regular diet. This muscle building food is always recommended by fitness experts. It will be better if you choose lunch time for eating chicken as you can fully utilize the food to generate energy for your body and thus you can do your abs training without any sort of difficulty.

Fish: When you are searching sources to obtain lean proteins, how can you forget about fish? Fish is the healthiest source of lean proteins. And there are varieties of fish available in market so you won’t feel bored with the same taste. Plus there are varieties of techniques of cooking fish. You can opt for different cooking styles.

Nuts: Nuts can be a great companion during snacks time hunger. Nuts are the perfect combination of protein, fat and fiber. They provide your body with the right amount of energy. Nuts are portable so you can carry them anywhere and anytime.

Protein shakes: One or more kinds of protein shakes should be part of your six pack diet program. When you drink one glass of protein shake prior to your workout, you will feel energetic throughout your workout session. Protein shakes actually contain proteins and carbohydrates which your body requires. You can utilize the nutrients of protein shakes for the optimal growth of your muscles.

Cottage cheese: Cottage cheese contains a slow digesting dairy protein called casein. It means when you consume this cheese, you won’t get hungry frequently. The specialty of casein is that when you consume it, it will raise amino acid levels of your blood and thus you can stay energetic longer.

Chickpeas: Chickpeas strive to provide oodles of carbohydrates to your body. They are exuberant foods present in the litany of six pack abs diet. Chickpeas can be a fantastic replacement for rice which doesn’t provide any energy to your body. Chickpeas are great sources of dietary fiber. Additionally, you can obtain proteins, vitamins, sodium, potassium, magnesium and iron from this food. You can consume chickpeas either boiled or spouted.

Lean Beef: Lean beef will give direct protein to your body. Lean beef is the healthiest kind of meat that you can buy in terms of fat content. This meat is also an amazing source of iron, vitamin and Coenzyme. It can add amazing taste to your six pack abs diet, plus it will help you a lot in sprawling your muscle mass. Beef is also a good source of saturated fat that can support healthy testosterone levels, and monounsaturated fat which is good for heart heath.

Lentils: Lentils will prove to be really very beneficial for building muscles mass. It is a secret weapon of many bodybuilders. It contains dietary fibers which support slow digestion.

Salmon: This food can provide direct supplies of protein. Other significance of eating salmon is that it contains Omega-3 fats mainly DHA and EPA. Along with building muscle mass, salmon can improve your heart health.

Fermented dairy products: Fermented dairy products don’t contain much fat and they are really very helpful in building muscle mass. These products can boost up muscle gaining capacity of your body. These products are also an excellent source of good bacteria.

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