Renewed Motivation… 1

Nike WomenIf you’re feeling burnt out with your current fitness routine I suggest you go to the Nike Women website! They have a variety of different workouts on there for you to try out (cardio, strength training, dance!) and they also give you info on where that particular trainer holds their classes, and or the website where to get that trainer’s dvds! I’m seriously going to try them all, lol. And if I like it and there is a DVD I will get it. Then I’ll let you all know if I recommend it or not! Cool? Cool! Um, I’m doing all the free stuff for now though that is on the site, but when I go through all of those then I’ll be getting the dvds 😀

Hm what else, oh, USA sucks! This phone I want is being shipped to everywhere BUT the U.S. 😐 So we’ll see… I really want that phone… it’s perfect for me.

Oh, and I’m on vacation now, so I’ve been a bum waking up late and what not. Not getting much done on the site but will do so… eventually 🙂

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