Ramona Braganza: The A-list Celebrity Trainer

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Ramona Braganza: The A-list Celebrity Trainer

By Robyn Moreno for Las Fabulosas

RamonaBraganza-Celebrity Trainer

What do new mamis and Hollywood celebs have in common? When stars are on set or traveling the globe — just like new moms — they often have little extra time or energy.

That’s why Ramona Braganza, a former NFL cheerleader and gymnast, developed her popular “3-2-1 Training Method,” which is fast and uses minimal equipment — perfect for an at-home workout.

The workout is easy to follow: three sets of cardio routines (such as running, hiking and cycling), two circuits (such as situps and squat jumps), and one set of core exercises (such as pushups) — 3-2-1!

Braganza advises new moms to get back in the exercise game as soon as a doctor gives them the thumbs up. “My clients, Jessica Alba and Halle Berry, both started working out gently after two weeks.”

Braganza suggests starting with just 20 minutes of her hugely popular “3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone” program, which focuses on strengthening core muscles for a flatter stomach. The idea is to get into a training schedule — a switch for mommies who haven’t been working their abs for almost a year.

After getting into a rhythm for about a month, it’s time to tackle weight loss. Braganza recommends cardio-intensive exercises, like dancing or kickboxing. You’ll then move into an hour-long workout to build muscle and tone your body.

Braganza cautions new moms to not burn too many calories, which can stop lactation. “Monitor your health closely, consume good-quality foods, eat frequently and stay hydrated,” she says. You’ll go from soccer mom to sexy mom in no time!

Robyn Moreno  is a proud Latina of Mexican-American heritage, and has co-written, and co-edited two Latino-centric books: Suave: The Latin Male, a fashion book about Latino style icons, and Border-Line Personalities: A New Generation of Latinas Dish on Sex, Sass, and Cultural Shifting, an honest and irreverent anthology about life as
a modern Latina.

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