P90x Update and Kenpo X

P90X Kenpo X
P90X Kenpo X

I wanted to give everyone a little update on my personal experience with P90x. Unfortunately with my schedule, I have not been able to workout 6 days a week like the program asks for. But the workouts are KILLER and I am still seeing results. I won’t go into numbers but I have lost weight – a dress that fit me perfectly (not loose, not too tight but a little tight) in May is now noticeably bigger on me. I need it tailored now because the back strap is too loose and falls/hangs down… revealing a whole lot of back that I do not want to be revealed! Not only that but I feel stronger and I can see improvements in my exercises. For example, my hooks and uppercuts are so much harder and cleaner now thanks to Kenpo X! Watch out now!

So what is Kenpo? It’s martial arts, but it’s hard to explain because apparently it has been altered in different parts of the world (read about Kenpo here). I believe Kenpo X uses the American version of Kenpo, which we call “Kenpo Karate”. This workout is what I consider the P90x version of Tae Bo, but was created with the help of martial arts expert Wesley Idol. There’s a lot of punches and kicks… you know, typical jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. But there are also moves that I’ve never seen before, so that was refreshing. You also do some blocking moves. And, this is what I love about P90x… you have breaks between a group of exercises but guess what each “break” consists of? Sitting down? Stretching? No! The break is – you better hurry up and get some water because we’re still moving/ running in place with high knees/ doing jumping jacks as well as other short exercises to keep your heart rate up.

Here’s a video of a woman named Michelle Sorro and her experience with Kenpo X.

This workout definitely keeps you moving. It is a nice change from the other workouts and, just like Core Synergistics and Cardio X, this is one of my faves because you’re working hard and burning calories while having fun punching and kicking. Tony Horton (the trainer) is awesome and funny. You’re killing yourself during the workout and he’d say or do silly things that make you laugh and it kind of gets your mind off of your TIREDNESS for a while.

Here’s video footage of the making of Kenpo X with trainer Tony Horton and martial arts expert Wesley Idol

Once again, highly recommended.

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