P90x Shoulders and Arms Review 2

P90x Shoulders and Arms

P90x Shoulders and Arms is another workout scheduled in P90x’s lean routine. What I love about this workout is that it targets 3 very important areas… over and over again. P90x Shoulders and Arms targets the triceps, biceps, and shoulders. You have the option of using weights or bands for this workout routine.

Throughout this workout you do 2 sets of three different exercises. For example, you do exercise A, B, then C, then you repeat and do it all again. Then you do exercise X, Y, and Z and then repeat that sequence again and that continues throughout the workout. You go at your own pace and of course choose the weight that is right for you. You get time in between exercises to write down how many repetitions you did and what weight you used. This is so you could set goals and track your progress.

I enjoy this workout because of the exercises. I have done other weight lifting arm workouts before so I thought I would be familiar with the exercises because seriously… how many ways can you workout a tricep? Apparently more ways than I thought! Yes there were common exercises like the bicep curl and chair dips but P90x also introduced new exercises that worked the targeted muscles VERY well.

Here are examples of exercises in the P90x Shoulders and Arms workout. (Depending on the exercise, I personally use 3, 5, or 8lb dumbbells.)

All in all, I’m very happy with this workout.

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2 thoughts on “P90x Shoulders and Arms Review

  • jmill

    Hey good video, thanks for taking the time.
    Just started the X and it’s good to see the routine before hand in accelerated form.
    Good luck