P90x Core Synergistics Review 5

P90X Core Synergistics
P90X Core Synergistics

If you follow me on Twitter you already know that I did the P90x Core Synergistics last week (and this Monday actually). It was the first workout listed for P90x Lean and it is ridiculously tiring! Core Synergistics works out everything (especially the “core” lumbar spine and trunk muscles) and gets you ready for the other workouts. There’s a bit of everything in it and what I like about the workout is that for certain (difficult) exercises you can go at your own pace. There’s a countdown on the screen and you just do as much as you can and with good technique. The idea is of course that as time goes by you will get stronger and your reps will increase. A few of the exercises they do this for are the push-up exercises. Like the Prison Cell Push Up and Reach High and Under Push Up (see below)…

About Core Synergistics

This total body workout incorporates cardio, stretching, and resistance to strengthen the core muscles (the muscle groups that girdle the waistline and back). Building a solid foundation with strong supporting muscles is the goal of this state of the art workout. By strengthening your core, you’ll be more prepared to tackle the resistance and cardio moves throughout this program, while reducing the chance of injury. You’ll also improve your flexibility, balance, and coordination — all vital to the success of your total body development.

Core Synergistics Workout Routine

You will need:

  • Mat
  • Weights or Bands
  • Plastic plate, Cardboard or a Towel
  • Water and a Towel

The Warm-Up

This is a great P90X Warming Up video by Tara Davidson that pretty much covers the whole warmup.

  1. Head rolls. Stand tall with arms at sides reaching to floor. Roll head from right shoulder down to left shoulder and back.
  2. Chest stretch. With a wide-foot stance, inhale arms up, reaching tall. Then release arms downward, expanding the chest and reaching elbows behind you. Arms should be wide, fingers flexed.
  3. Topas stretch. In Horse Stance, start with hands in Prayer position at chest. Inhale and open arms out straight to sides, palms up, thumbs pointing behind you. Exhale back to Prayer position.
  4. Rainbow stretch. Feet together, leave one arm down and reach the other arm up and over in a straight line.
  5. Shake it out. Shake out your arms and your legs.
  6. Reach up, then palms up. Reach arms up over your head, keep arms straight and reach back with palms facing forward. Then drop arms down and reach back with palms facing the ceiling.
  7. Knees up. March in place with knees up, hold your hands in front as a target at hip level. Then lift knees out, and then jog in place with knees up and then out. End with knees down and heels up jog.
  8. Jumping jacks. Jumping jacks with arms halfway up or all the way up.
  9. Standing mountain climbers. One leg in front and one leg in back, alternating front to back. Keep arms straight in front of you alternating up and down.
  10. Standing hamstring stretch. Stand up, feet wide, bend at the waist.
  11. Scissor leg stretch. One leg in front (with foot facing forward), the other in the back (at a slight angle to the side). Keep the back leg slightly bent, keep the front leg straight and reach the floor by the front foot.
  12. Standing quad stretch.

The Workout

There are a lot of great videos out there that show the P90X Core Synergistics routine, I am posting a few of my favorites.

By Brett Blumenthal:

  1. Stacked Foot – Staggered Hands Push-up
  2. Banana
  3. Leaning Crescent Lunges
  4. Squat Run
  5. Sphynx Push-Ups
  6. Bow to Boat
  7. Low Lateral Skaters
  8. Lunge and Reach
  9. Prison Cell Push-Ups
  10. Side Hip Raise
  11. Squat X-Press
  12. Plank to Chaturanga Run
  13. Walking Push-Ups
  14. Superman Banana
  15. Lunge Kickback Curl Press
  16. Towel Hoppers
  17. Reach High and Under Push-Ups
  18. Steam Engine
  19. Dreya Roll
  20. Plank to Chaturanga Iso (Bonus)
  21. Halfback (Bonus)
  22. Table Dip Leg Raise (Bonus)

Here are other videos of the P90X Core Synergistics routine that I liked:

By Ricardo Ballesteros:

By Silvy197:

The push-up exercises were the toughest for me!

Prison Cell Push-Up

For this you have to go as fast as you can but of course it’s challenging!

Reach High and Under Push-Up

I showed these videos to my boyfriend, and his cousin and friend tried these push-ups and even though they are in shape these push-ups were a challenge for them. So I think that says something. In Core Synergistics there were push-ups, exercises that work the tummy (banana…. superman!), some cardio/jumping exercises, some squat-type exercises, and weights. All mixed together. I was worried that I didn’t have those workout bands so I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do some exercises but it turns out that the bands are an alternative to weights (which I have). But it is very cool that there are alternatives to many of the exercises.

All in all, Core Synergistics killed me but I really enjoyed the workout. I feel like I haven’t worked out this hard in a long time.

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