P90x Classic vs Doubles vs Lean Routine 92

P90X Workout Routine
P90X Workout Routine

I know quite a few people starting P90x either because of my recommendation or by word of mouth through others. Something that most of them don’t know is that they have a choice of how they want to use P90x. You can do P90x Classic, which I believe is popular for men because it includes heavy strength training, pull-ups, push ups as well as a bit of cardio. Or you could be like me and go for the Lean Routine which is mostly cardio but has some strength training (weights or bands) as well. The third option is the P90x Doubles routine, which is for those who want the serious strength training of Classic with more cardio exercises. The Doubles routine has you doing two different P90x workouts in a day, which they recommend that you do one in the morning and the second workout in the evening.

p90x routine download

To give you an idea of what the routines are like so you could compare and possibly come up with routines of your own, I created a pdf file of P90x Classic, Doubles and Lean workout schedule for weeks 1 through 8. As you can see from the workout schedule, Classic and Doubles are identical for the first 4 weeks, but starting in the 5th week we begin to see an addition of cardio workouts for P90x Doubles (hardcore!)

* * Download the P90x Classic, Doubles & Lean routine
workout schedule for weeks 1-8 by clicking here * *

For weeks 9-13 click here

Updated April 8, 2012

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92 thoughts on “P90x Classic vs Doubles vs Lean Routine

  • John


    Thanks for posting the routine. Someone gave us their 90X CDs, they quit … unfortunately, they have long since misplaced all the literature. So the routine / schedule was a big help.

    Question: Are you buying any of the supplements / recovery drinks?

    Just started yesterday – day two today… PLYO – is NOT nice….

    thanks again,

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    John- You’re very welcome! Unfortunately I haven’t tried the supplements or recovery drinks. I just make sure I take in enough calories throughout the day so I won’t crash! And GOOD LUCK!

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Rolando, I can’t say I’m totally fit but I do have a weight goal I have yet to reach. You should try P90x I think you’d like the challenge 🙂

  • John

    “good luck” ??? that’s all you have to give?????

    … the wife and I just finished the regular P90. Was feeling pretty good about myself…

    NOW…. X – and it’s like starting all over again!

    amazing stuff….

    thanks again,

  • n8

    Hi Maria,
    I googled “p90x doubles routine” and was led here. Thank you for the chart. Question: is the program not 12 weeks long?

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    John – LOL! I don’t know what else to say I know how hard it is in the beginning (the constant soreness) haha! Stick with it like you did with P90… it’ll get better for you both I promise! =o)

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hi n8 (you’re welcome) and Antonio! Yes it does go up to week 12… but I honestly did not know there would be a demand for the rest of the schedule. I’ll post up weeks 9-12 by Sunday at the very latest…

    Glad I could help! 😀

  • John

    Wow – 90 mins of Yoga X !

    I was about to quit…. one more DOWNWARD DOG – and a shamalama-ding-dong and I swear I was going to scream! … but it’s like Master Tonyrama heard me and we went to the second half of fun stuff – like standing on your face ! that was fun

    Officially week one starting today… blew off all of last weeks routines as learning. Had a pencil in my mouth this morning… writing things down.

    and… I also drank the BB kool-aid and became a coach too!! ….

    Yes – sad huh….

    How far along are you – still having fun?


  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hey John! Ok I probably shouldn’t admit this but I didn’t get through the whole Yoga video the first time. I felt like it was slow and (of course) difficult but I found as I kept doing it I liked it more because I was getting better at it lol.

    That’s great you’re a coach now! 😀 I finished already, not sure when to start again since my work schedule has been all over the place. Can’t wait to start again though.. I want to start again soon.

    Take care! Let me know how its going!

  • p90x

    I’m currently on my third week of p90x classic. Who the hell has time to do doubles?!? Nice blog by the way 🙂


    I do know some ppl on this program! My uncle has done is each night for the past 7 weeks. I think he takes 1-2 nights per week off. He has had great results! Losing inches and getting really fit. Keep us updated!

  • Ben


    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to a replacent for the P90x protein drinks and bars that might be a bit less expensive?


  • John


    Just wanted to drop in and say hi. Week four started Monday… a whole week of rest and relaxation….. Core Synergistics this morning – pretty interesting work out !

    Hope all is well.

    Take care & enjoy-

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Glad you’re sticking with it John! Core Synergistics is one I love to hate 🙂 Superman banana! lol. Take care have a great weekend

  • Mary Carmen

    Hi Maria 🙂
    So are you a coach? what other programs from Beachbody are you doing? Nice Blog… 🙂

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hi Mary! No I’m not a coach unfortunately! Was told I should be. Maybe something I will consider in the future who knows. And I haven’t tried any other programs from Beachbody yet, I’m still hooked on P90x… but I do want to try out Hip Hop Abs it looks fun!

    Have you tried any other beach body workouts?

    Take care!

  • Veronica

    Hello Maria….I googled P90X lean routine and I got to your site….thank a lot, you have been very helpful.

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    No problem Veronica! Glad people are finding my posts somewhat useful 🙂 Take care and good luck!

  • April

    I’m on week 4 of P90X. Should I be concerned since I am actually wanting to lose inches and I have been doing P90X Classic? I feel as though I should start all over and do the P90X Lean!! Any thoughts?

  • Stephanie

    Thank you so much for the routine work out schedule I had mine but lost it. I searched all day to find someone who would post it for others. Thanks for being that person and for being generous with your information. Now I can start my journey to a healthy life.

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hey April! It depends. Are you seeing any results with P90x Classic yet? The good thing about Classic is it has weights, which will give you muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn throughout the day (even though it’s a minor increase). And the weights give you a more toned look in my opinion.

    I am personally doing P90x Lean though to lose weight/fat/inches. I think you’re the best judge for how you are doing and the results you’re currently seeing. If anything you can do P90X Lean after you’re done with Classic since you’ve obviously come a long way! Finish it off! 🙂 Let me know how it goes! Good luck.

    [And you’re very welcome Stephanie!]

  • Emmanuel

    Hello all,

    I’ve been working on the Classic routine for almost 6 months. I’m just about to finish my last “Legs & Back” routine and cool down for a week.

    In the first 2 months, I lost 20 lbs. and toned the whole 3rd month. When I started my 2nd round of P90-X, I lost another 5 lbs. I’m almost at my ideal weight, but stopped seeing extreme results, so I started the “Doubles” routine 2 weeks ago. What a difference! Within 2 weeks, I’ve noticed a huge change in my stomach area and arms. I hadn’t even done the Cardio-X workout until I started “Doubles.”

    Finding time is tough, but you can throw in Cardio-X and Ab-Ripper when you wake up, and do your normal routine at night/afternoon, depending when you get off work.

    Another issue is food. You’ll find yourself craving much more grub. My stomach, like clockwork, starts growling every 2 hours. I eat:

    Breakfast 1:
    1 cup – Kashi Go-Lean +
    1/2 cup – Egg Whites

    Breakfast 2: (After Workout)
    1 cup – Kashi Go-Lean+
    2 scoops – E.A.S. Premium Protein Shake

    23g Chocolate Crisp PowerbarPlus (290 cal.)

    1/2 Sandwich including:
    Double Fiber Bread (200 cal.)
    1/2 cup egg whites (60 cal.)
    6 slices Healthy Choice Ham (60 cal.)
    2 Slices Provolone (160 cal.)
    1/2 tbsp. Smart Balance for the eggs (25 cal.)

    23g Chocolate Crisp PowerbarPlus (290 cal.)

    The other half of the sandwich

    At night, I just eat enough to sustain my energy and try not to eat 2 hours before bed. Everyone is different, so choose what you like, but keep it healthy. This will speed up your results. I cannot stress enough that you MUST MUST MUST eat your protein. I experimented a couple times to see the my body’s reaction on and off the protein and found out quickly that your body really appreciates the shakes/bars and chicken/beef/soy/almonds… whatever has protein in high concentration.

    I don’t know what else to tell you guys. For anyone just starting, believe in yourself, and you’ll change your entire life before you know it. This is not a workout. This is a lifestyle. I’ve gotten a half-dozen of my friends and family started on P90-X and they’ve changed their habits according to the plan. It’s an unbelievable feeling. Stick with it, and show off your new body.


  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Wow thank you so much for the info Emmanuel! I tend to have trouble in the diet area so I will definitely give yours a try!

  • Richard

    A friend and I are doing the lean routine first to slim down, then after we will do the Classic to tone up. We’re in our fourth week and we’re both seeing changes in ourselves and are quite exited!
    Love your blog, it’s interesting to see what other people are doing and how they’re utilizing this tool. I’m taking lots of notes.


  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hi Richard! Wow that sounds tough. I’m thinking about tackling the Classic routine as well… let me know how it goes! Especially Plyo… sounds tough lol. Good luck 😀

  • polygirl

    I’m a 250lb 6′ Tall Polynesian Woman….and out of shape. How can I start off on the right foot? …i don’t want to burn out!! Will look into getting the program.

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hey Polygirl! Well first of all, did you take the Fit Test yet? I recommend you take the P90x Fit test (P90x Fit Test) just to see where you are fitness wise. What I did, after taking the Fit Test… I was too scared to start the program right away (lol) So I just started doing a lot of the exercises in the fitness (especially jumping jacks) on my own, non-stop for 2 minutes.

    Also, to make sure you’re ready for P90x, Beach Body coaches would recommend you complete the Power 90 fitness program first. It’s challenging! P90x is the “extreme” version of Power 90. So it depends. If you do well in the fitness test, go ahead and start P90x! If not, workout more and or do the Power 90 routine… you can’t go wrong either way.

    Good luck! Let me know how it goes! 😀

  • Dominic

    I am going to start P90X I do not want to gain all that bulky muscle that those body building guys do. I just want to be a fit lean healthy semi muscular (not too much not too little) extremely well defined male. Which routine should I start with first Classic, Doubles, or Lean? Also after my 90 days how do I integrate P90 X + with the original? Thank you so much for posting the chart I thought I was gonna be lost. 😉

  • jenelle

    Well, I am one of many who want to thank you for posting this. My co-worker gave me her cd’s to use but didn’t have the schedule so I was obviously excited to find someone had posted it!! We are starting our own Biggest Loser at work which lasts for 12 weeks and I am going to do the Lean workout. I will be exchanging some days with workouts at the gym since my daughter has sports events there. So, we’ll see how it goes!

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hey Dominic! It depends. If you have fat to burn/want to lose weight, I’d go with Lean first since it is mostly cardio. Then you can go with Classic or Doubles (go with doubles if you still want more cardio!) You won’t necessarily gain bulky muscle doing Doubles or Classic, just do more repetitions with smaller weights! (Sorry for the late reply, I need to start getting notifications when people comment) GOOD LUCK!!!

    Hi Jenelle! Glad I could help! That’s awesome that your company is doing that, you will definitely be one of the top “losers” on P90x. I have been switching up some days with alternate workouts as well, let us know how it goes! If you have any ideas for me let me know too 😀

  • Mercy

    Hi! I just started yesterday! WOAH!! I am so sore. Today, I could not finish plyo…but I’m on my way. Just wondering if I should be doing classic or lean? I am only about 10-12 pounds over what I’d like to be and would like definition and strength! Please help!

  • John

    Hello Maria, I am starting P90x today after going through a 12 week Body for Life workout and losing 30 pounds. I am in the shape I need to be in now for this type of workout. I keep hearing there is a “week” off inbetween workouts? When and why does that happen?

  • Chris

    Hi everyone, Just thought I would put in my note. I have completed P90X and do “highly reccommend it”. It was a great experience and I lost 27 pounds and gained a lot of endurance and cardio.
    During the 12 weeks it is difficult to stick with the meal plan, especially on shift work, but I just kept in mind to eat in moderation and the types of food I was eating.
    For recovery drinks I would mix a small amount of chocolate milk with frozen sliced strawberries, some blueberries and recovery formula 2:1:1 with protien creatine mix… it worked great. A nice healthy smoothie after a workout.

    After completing the program I became bored and stopped for about 6 months… since then I have started the program again and find that my energy has increased again and I am having great results. After this 12 weeks I plan on adding P90x Plus.

    Good Luck to everyone and “Just keep pressing play”.

  • Diana

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for posting the schedule. It’s definitely useful! 🙂

    Oh, just like Mercy, I don’t know where to start..should I do classic or lean first? I have approximately 10 -12 lbs to lose and I want to decrease my fat % and lean up but not bulk.

    Any recommendations!?!?!?!?

  • Ashlee

    Just started the lean version as I don’t want to bulk up, but want to tone, define, and loss weight/inches. I am through the 3rd day and eventhough I am in pain, I love it. Great workouts.
    How soon after starting the program have all of you began to see results?

  • Chris

    im starting p90x tomarrow, i was looking over the chart..and day 1 says “chest and back, ab ripper x”…so i do both on the first day?

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    I’M SO SORRY for the late replies everybody I will try to be better about these things in the future. I need to change some things about this site to make communicating better on here..

    Mercy You will be fine losing weight either way! Lean is more cardio and you’ll burn more calories. Classic there is also cardio but there’s also muscle building which will burn more calories/fat throughout the day. Either route you will be good to go in my opinion!

    John Technically there is no “week off”, in Classic you get a week of Cardio/Kenpo workouts and it’s to “shock” your muscles so you don’t hit a plateau with your workouts and not see results. If you’re doing the same thing all the time, your body adjusts and gets used to it and you stop seeing results. This is not the case with P90x, you are switching it up all the time! 🙂 Good luck!

    P90X Fan Classic is crazy! I’m more of a Lean routine kinda gal ;P

    CHRIS (Nov. 24) Thanks for the input! Especially the recovery drink I will definitely keep that in mind.

    Diana I personally recommend Lean! It’s what I started with. It’s tough but it’s the “easier” program and I’d go with that and after those 90 days, try out the Classic if you’d like. Good luck!

    RV Sorry I don’t know anybody. My brother did Classic and even though he didn’t follow the Nutrition guide completely, he started to eat healthier and of course got great results.

    Ashlee I’m doing Lean right now as well! The first time I did Lean (2 years ago?) I FELT the results after about 2 weeks, and what I mean by that is I performed exercises better, felt stronger and healthier. The weight loss occurred shortly after. Other people noticed it before I did though. I just know I felt great 🙂 Enjoy it!

    Chris Yep Chris, both on the first day! Don’t worry… Ab Ripper X isn’t an hour long like the others. But you’ll hate it and love it at the same time 😛 GOOD LUCK!!

  • Kathlena

    I’m a week into P90X Lean, I’m 5’4″ and 137 lbs. I start week 2 with tonight’s workout. Been doing pretty good I think on nutrition, but having hunger pains quite often. Can’t say I’ve really been tracking calories but I know I’m eating ‘clean’ and watching my portions. I sit at a desk 8 hours a day and I think it just makes me feel sluggish and hungry sitting idle so long. Any suggestions? After work I head home to start a workout but I’m ravenous when I get there…so I have to eat again and wait before I work out! Help! Just trying to sync up my eating and can’t figure out what will keep the hungry monster away! Are energy bars the way to go? <>

  • Meghan

    I am a little confused. I got the DVDs and want to start the classic program. I have 12 DVDs, but none of them are called “Chest and Back.” Do I just do the exercises on the spreadsheet? Why do I not have a DVD for Chest and Back? (I have #s 1-12)

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Meghan I’m not sure why you don’t have Chest and Back, that’s supposed to be the first DVD in the set. Do you have any duplicate DVDs? If anything I would contact P90x.

    Dustin Stick to it Dustin, I’ve fallin’ off a few times, just keep at it! 🙂

    Kathlena Energy bars would help or any type of healthy snack! Water definitely helps fill me up. I hope you are not just eating 3 meals a day, eat 5 times a day but small and healthy portions in between major meals. Good luck!

  • Chris

    I Was just wondering if you could reupload the program for the first weeks cause it seems as the file is corrupt…

    Greatly Appreciated/Chris

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hi Chris, Ok try it again! It’s working fine for me… let me know if it works for you this time.

  • cc

    hello all. i would like to start the p90x program but i am a runner. i love running especially outside and i don’t want to stop doing that. i was wondering if there is anyway i can replace some of the workouts with running? like the cardio workouts and such…any suggestions???

  • nikky

    Hi cc,
    Im a runner too and I started the P90X program on Feb 1st. I stopped running completely since I started. The classic routine has Plyometrics on Tuesday and what is felt in the Plyo routine has nothing to do with running. It is indeed much more intense. You get to do Kempo X on Fridays and I love this routine. My suggestion is to stop running until you finish the 90 days. The Plyo routine makes you run faster than you do. It is hardcore cardio. I will start running as soon as I finish my 90 days 🙂

  • tofer david

    my plan is the same, i am going to complete a half marathon next weekend, then i am going to essentially stop running and complete the 90 day wrkout….i’ll fit a few races, short ones 4-6milers in during the 90 days, but essentially thats it, once done i will begin my fall marathon training

  • cc

    thanks for the input! its really hard to give up running, I’ve been doing it for years and i run marathons as well but if the workout makes me a better runner i will stick to it 🙂

  • jsmith

    I am determined to lose weight! I love the p90X but I have young children and work. The workouts are long and interfere with dinner for kids, homework, bath time bed time…any suggestions. I absolutely love Plyometrics. Do you think I could maybe do Ply 3 times a week? Any other workout routines you might suggest?

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hi JSmith! All P90X workouts are tough workouts, so if you do them 3 times a week you will still see results… just not as dramatic and fast as you would if you were taking part in the 90 day program. But doing the workouts 3 times a week MINIMUM is better than not doing any at all.

    I say mix it up. I don’t think you should do Plyo 3 times a week though, because eventually your body will get used to it and it will not be as effective when you workout. Remember you need to SHOCK your body. So do 3 different workout routines in a week. At least one with weights and one cardio. Maybe do the Stretch one on a 4th day. There are many DVDs so you can switch your routine up every week or even monthly.


  • mTm

    I started P90X (Doubles) weeks ago. Tomorrow will actually be my day 30 (weigh in, pics, measurements, etc.) and I’m actually loving it. I started Phase II today, which began with a morning of Cardio X…yes, indeed I underestimated the Cardio X. You’ll find yourself trying to guess what workouts will be easier than others…trust me when I say, if you are actually BRINGING IT, then really they’re all extremely intense, and work well.

    As far as using the program to loosely, I’d recommend watching the dvd’s, trying out the entire workout of each DVD yourself, and then figuring out what exactly you want to gain from it. Do you want a ripped stomach area…Ab Ripper X is a must and it’s actually about 20 minutes. Keep in mind the warm up and cool down times. Although I recommend warming up and cooling down, the times that are used on each workout DVD are in some cases, long when compared to what you may be used to.

    After you’ve figured out what exactly it is you want to tackle with the workouts…then it’s time to choose which exercises you really want to use. I’m sticking strict to the workouts just for dedication, but I totally understand time constraints (I have a baby on the way…July) and if I were currently watching over my baby…P90X wouldn’t get much play. I’m fortunate to have the time to put in my 90 days and then chose what I want to do in order to keep up the physique that I’ve developed…a sort of maintenance.

    Well, I hope this helped anyone that’s pondering the P90X program. Just remember…the workout is for YOU and you do not have to try and beat anyone or show anyone out. Try your best…Do your best…and as they always say, FORGET THE REST.

  • ee

    I just finished phase 1 of the classic routine. Lost 5 pounds and I look alot slimmer….Can’t wait to finish the rest of the 60 days……

    As for jsmith, if you can do plyo 3 times a week, by all means do it…..then you can do the 16 minute ab ripper x in the between and I think should be enough to keep you fit….plyo is extreme and doing it 3 times per week should be enough…

  • Cynic

    @ mTm

    You’re doing a workout this intense with a fetus growing inside you? Careful, or that thing might be born with torn disks and the onset of shaken baby syndrome!

  • Chuck17

    Hi. I have knee trouble so the plyometrics are some what difficult for me to do with out causing pain, because of all the jumping and twisting. Any suggestions on ways to modify the workouts slightly for less impact?

  • Yeri

    To Chuck17:

    First, you should be following Pam’s improvised moves during the whole workout. Secondly, I recommend doing it on a mat. I had the same problems as you did before… Initially I followed Pam but now I am doing the regular Plyo workout but on a mat. I also want you to remember to land lightly… After you learn to control your moves you reduce the shock on your knees and get a more productive workout.

  • Glenn

    I’m a bit slow getting on this forum but for those of you who are runners and want to replace some of the p90x routines with running, I suggest reading up on incorporating sprinting into your running workout as it pertains to increasing our natural human growth hormones as well as it’s beneficial effects on the heart and faster fat loss.

  • Djamila

    thanks for posting this! I’ve been looking all over my house for the workout routine to get back into the regimen. This is an amazing workout just hard to find the time to dedicate to it.

  • p90x workout schedule

    Tony Horton, the creator of P90x knew exactly what he was doing. I mean, if you can convert a flabby, out-of-condition slob like me into a fit, ripped dude in 90 days, then you’ve got the right formula, haven’t you? Here’s a bit of advice though: If you’re going to cry like a baby each time you get sore muscles with the P90X workout, go away now. But if you’ve got the determination to stick it out and look as sharp as a lean, mean machine after 90 days, get your copy of p90x workout schedule</a

  • Alaa

    I started P90X yesterday and I love it so far!! It definitely kicks my butt, but it’s such a great feeling after I’m done for the day. I really hope I can stick with it for the remaining 88 days. I started the Lean option. My main goal is losing weight. Do you guys think that’s the way to go? I’m not in the best shape either..

  • p90x workout schedule

    p90x workout dvds are definitely an extreme house fitness good program,the one which can aid any person get within the very best form of their lives. P90X is marketed being a 90 morning system but factors of it ought to be maintained for a lifetime. As soon as you reach your goal by way of P90X workout, your new objective will be to preserve what you might have accomplished. The P90X exercises are intense and I don’t know any person that follows it to some tee 12 months after year but it’s extremely frequent to incorporate some of the P90X workout DVDs exercises into their personal customized program lengthy soon after the system. For additional facts on the P90X Exercise Method, please go to our internet site at p90x workout schedule


    As a male, the classic routine is more appealing. That said, I wrestled in college and have a pretty solid muscle base -just some chubbiness in the usual areas -gut, butt, etc. I know it’s not macho to not lift weights, but will the lean routine do it for me -lose the flab, tighten a bit, but not so much focus on the muscle build?

    Any guys out there doing the lean? it’s not a pain thing for me; just an efficiency thing.

  • rachel

    This is really a very good article. Have you any idea about a lot more websites regarding it where I could find additional info concerning this.

  • Tamzy

    Hi, I just started P90x two weeks now! I just have the dvds, weights and resistance bands ( which i have to replace because one of the handles broke). I started the lean routine but I switched up some of my workouts instead of kenpo I do plyo and yoga I do cardio ( the yoga is too long and I have to much going on to dedicate so much time to yoga right now). Im trying to eat properly but its a lil hard because I guess you could say I like to eat bad food..lol. but I try im just not sure because im not following the p90x nutrition plan will I see the same or any results..I feel like ive losed inches not sure about my weight ( i havent weighed myself because I dont wanna know) oh and i do the ab ripper x workout 3 times a week

  • amanda

    Does anyone know how to switch workouts? I am doing classic but I want to change to lean now..Help!!

  • phil

    how much more effective is the doubles than the classic?

    and amamnda i would switch out chest and back for core, and legs and back do cardio but still do abs

  • John Spence

    I’ve been struggling with the spare tire around the waist. I just bought P90X after it was recommended to me by a guy at the gym. I’m really hoping it works for me.

    I’ll do anything that doesn’t interfere with my coffee or my fruit smoothies!

  • Clyde Ploetz

    Hiya, I’m really glad I’ve found this info. Today bloggers publish only about gossip and net stuff and this is actually irritating. A good site with exciting content, this is what I need. Thanks for making this website, and I will be visiting again. Do you do newsletters? I Can’t find it.

  • Julie

    I am trying to understand how to order the P90X Lean program?? Is it in the classic program? I even tried speaking to a Customer Service Representative, but I believe I was speaking with someone in India who was not familiar w/ the ins and outs of the program. I am very confused.
    My physical therapist recommended the p90X Lean program but I do not want to invest in the wrong thing.
    Can you provide any advice?
    I am also interested to know if I should order the bands that are offered. I do own a few bands, but I wasn’t sure if it would be easier to follow along if I were using their products.
    Thank you in advance with ANY advice you could give me. I have been searching everywhere for some guidance.

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hi Julie!
    Everyone must order the P90x program (which contains all of the P90X dvds), regardless of which program you want to do. The program will come with a booklet that gives the schedule for each program (classic, lean, doubles). All programs use the same DVDs but the Lean program emphasizes the cardio-type workout DVDs more, and the Classic program emphasizes the DVDs with strength training more.

    If you have your own bands, I say go ahead and use yours. If you plan on doing pull-ups you may need a pull-up bar as well. My brother already had a pull-up bar so I didn’t order one.

    Hope I helped a bit, good luck!

  • steeve

    lol…..feel sad for those who actually buy the program.. if you keep searching you will eventually find p90x for free to download…. wont tell you were to find it but it isnt hard to..

  • Coco

    i just started using p90x last week. i am trying to lose weight and tone my entire body up. which of the routines would be best for me. i have tried the classic all week but am unsure of whats the best. it is an awesome awesome workout and i love it…Coco

  • AnotherMaria Post author

    Hi Coco. If you want to lose weight first, I suggest the Lean Routine since it has more cardio! I recommend that you definitely do the Cardio X, Kenpo X, Plyometrics and Core Synergistics workout videos. Good luck! 🙂

  • Doug

    Thanks for the .pdf, it saved me a lot of time making my own. I have been doing P90 on and off for a year now. I have not been vey consistant until the last 6 weeks. It is really paying off. I enjoy your reviews. I have been doing a hybrid option that mixes the Classic and the Lean. Works well for me. I want to loose weight but also want muscle. Thanks!