P90X Classic, Doubles & Lean Routine Pt. II 8

p90x lean classic doubles routine

Ok you crazy P90x people. Sorry for the delay – life happens. But here is the rest of the schedule for P90 Classic, Doubles and Lean routines. It is for weeks 9-13. Pay attention to the sheet! In the first section there’s the schedule for week 9 and 11, below that is for weeks 10 and 12, and finally the last section is week 13.

* Download P90x Classic, Doubles & Lean Routine Weeks 9-13 *

[If you didn’t get the first eight weeks, go here]

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8 thoughts on “P90X Classic, Doubles & Lean Routine Pt. II

  • April

    I start P90X tomorrow! I have borrowed the DVD set so I needed the calendar. Thanks! Do you have the diet plan available for printing. Is the diet plan worth following or what do you recomend as far as nutrition?

  • John

    Hi April…

    I’ll go ahead and jump in with my two cents…

    There is a misconception that P90X is a “weight-loss” program, and that it comes with “diets”. That’s not really true… P90X is a complete body fitness program. You get a great exercise routine and excellent meal plans.

    Now to answer your question – is the ‘meal plan’ worth following, yes. This is the complete package… if you are going to do the routines with out a meal plan, then you are only doing half the work outs.

    Now of course… a huge bi-product of getting through the extreme workouts and eating correctly (by following the meal plans) – is that you build lean muscle, and strengthen your core…. these two things help you loose inches and burn fat cells for energy. So the weight loss part, just happens naturally.

    … hope this info helps – it’s not the printable ‘diet’ that you were looking for, but– to get the most out of P90X, you really need the meal plans… the worst thing you can do, is to under-eat while getting though the 90 days. The meal plans are designed to get your through the P90x workouts effectively…

    btw – I’m a P90X grad and a coach ( for what that’s worth)

    good luck,


  • AnotherMaria Post author

    April, John pretty much covered the nutrition factor!

    And I never thought about blogging the meal plan. I have to admit food is my biggest weakness. I will try to cover their meal plan in a future post, thank you for the idea!


  • Diana

    Thank you for this site!!!! I lost the manual and was so upset at myself!!! Then I found your site now I have the schedule again…Thank You sooooo MUCH!!!!

  • Nelly

    Hi, I started p90x on Saturday along with a diet and so far its been good. The cds were given to me but without anything else that came with the package. i really need some kind of meal plan to go with it because i have a hard time, knowing what to eat. if i had more of a schedule to go by with some breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, it would be so much easier for me. Do you have any information in regards to this? Thanks so much!!