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P90x Cardio X

As you all may know already, I’m doing the P90x fitness program. The first workout DVD they list for Day 1 is Core Synergistics, and if you missed it I already posted a review and my initial reactions to it here. For Day 2 of P90x, you do Cardio X.

Now I’ve done Cardio X a couple of times already and I could tell that I am getting stronger and better at performing some of the exercises. But does that mean that it is getting easier for me? NO! If anything I felt it even more because I was able to push myself harder and get more of a workout out of it. Like in Core Synergistics, some exercises are “go at your own pace” and since I’m getting a bit better I can do more repetitions and with better form. Not only that, but there are various ways you can do some exercises to make it more challenging – and I’m not even there yet! So I highly doubt this workout will ever be “easy” for me… it’s a constant challenge.

Cardio X has easily become a favorite P90x workout of mine (Core Synergistics is also on that list). Cardio X mixes a few exercises from other P90x workouts together. The warm-up, for example, has a bit of Yoga X in it. You do some Vinyasas and some warrior poses. Cardio X also incorporates some exercises from Kenpo X, Core Synergistics, and Plyometrics.

Another thing I’m noticing (and loving) is the sense of community among P90x users! It’s motivating to see other users blog and post up videos on YouTube. I have already come across blogs like 180 Days at chewdoggie.blogspot.com, saw another P90x user on Twitter named Critter (ooh that rhymed lol) who also trains with P90x and has a blog: Critter’s Krib. And I can’t believe how many P90x videos are on YouTube. So I did a search for Cardio X and this is one of the videos came up. Now I believe this guy is near the end of the workout (so he’s probably exhausted already) and he is in the Plyometrics part… going into some Core Synergistics…

I’m not one to criticize, especially since I know he’s tired, but I just wanted to point some things out in case you want to try this at home:
– The first exercise he did (after those punches he randomly did at the beginning) is the Airborne Heisman, you have to bring your knees up more and what is recommended is that you hold onto your foot . So when you jump sideways and bring your left knee up, take your left hand and hold your left foot. It’s a way to make sure you got your knees up there and hold it, then switch. In Cardio X you do this for 30 seconds.
Swing Kick: For the next exercise you grab a chair or a stool and swing both legs over it. It’s hard to explain the form for this one but he looks like he’s doing it right, you go at your own pace but of course the faster, the better.
– The next move may be hard to see for some of you… but it’s Jump Shot. You basically act like you are getting a pass (like in basketball) and then shoot (jump as high as you can). You don’t just reach out your arms like you’re getting a pass though, you have to step into the pass.
Tire: For this next exercise you have to act like you’re doing a workout drill with HUGE tires. So you jump 4 times forward, and 4 times back. It’s like the Airborne Heisman so you should have your knees up high and try to get good jumps in there.
– And then there’s Wacky Jacks… he’s doing that right but you should also try to lift your leg sideways and a bit higher. This is a good cardio exercise and also works out your obliques (the sides of your abs).
– This is the end of the Plyometrics portion, in the video you do this whole section twice, basically once on each side (or starting on each side, depending on the exercise).

Next is a little bit of Core Synergistics!
Squat X-Press: For this exercise you squat, touch the floor, then bring the arms up (and end up looking like an X). Towards the end of this exercise they add a jump at the end to make it more challenging.
Steam Engine: He’s doing this one right, he’s just tired and takes a few breaks. Ideally you want to keep going and the pace keeps getting faster and faster. You have to stand up as straight as you can and look straight ahead, bring your knees up as high as you can and just try to touch your elbows.

There’s really no breaks for this workout that leave you standing around, but clearly this guy is tired… this is his Day 2 workout! I give him so much props for posting up a video of him working out on Day 2! He only showed part of the workout and this part was near the end, so there were many exercises before it and a few after along with a cool down and stretch.

The boyfriend said I should post up a video of me doing some exercises – HA! Imagine that?

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3 thoughts on “P90x Cardio X Review

  • Chewdoggie

    Thanks for the blog shout out. Hope you are still working out…as I like knowing there are other women out there participating in this P90X program.

    As for your recent blog topic, I think you are in a very healthy spot if you are re-evaluating things. Its when you stop evaluating your ideas, goals and progress that you grow stagnant and that is a very, very bad thing. Been there done it. You are young which means you have every advantage and opportunity out there waiting for you, seize it…because once you get yourself knee deep in just paying the bills or plugging away at work, well things get blurry. Stay focused on your mind, body and soul. Besides after 25 it all starts to fly by so quickly…live in each moment and create your life each day. That is the best advice I can give from here, getting ready to turn 40. Like your website.