Nike Training Club App Review


I am always looking for new and different ways to workout. One workout app that I’ve enjoyed using since it was first released is the Nike Training Club app and I was very pleased to see that they upgraded the app last year and added new features. Here is what I like (and don’t like) about the NTC workout app by Nike.

When I first installed the app many years ago I enjoyed the workout options that were available and that you could select the level of difficulty for each workout. Of course I started with the “Beginner” level, but the beginner level was no walk in the park! I got sore and saw results from the Beginner level alone, which I was very happy about! The only problem with the first version of this app was that after about a month, I got bored with the workouts since I usually only did the workouts that I liked. NTC changed that last year when they introduced programs.



Programs. I like the new “Programs” feature that NTC introduced last year. If you start a program you have to follow the workout schedule that the app provides you. The new programs keep me on track and actually forces me to do other workouts that I would not usually do, like yoga. What I like about programs is that you could also edit some workouts. For example, one workout in particular lets me decide if I’d want to do froggers or burpees. I personally am not a fan of froggers, so I always select burpees. So you could change to an exercise you prefer, or you could alternate and do both froggers and burpees. It would be great if we could edit more exercises, at the moment there are only a few exercises you could edit for each workout routine.

Nike+ Running Inclusion. Another new feature I love is the inclusion of the Nike+ Running app in the NTC workout program. If you choose to add Running to your workout, there will be a day scheduled in the week for you to run.

The latest NTC update added more workouts and a Nike store, which I think is great!


Incentives. While there were many great features added to the NTC app, there were things that were taken away that I definitely miss. In the previous version you could earn “prizes” for unlocking badges. Prizes included things like special recipes or other workouts. This is no longer available, you only get badge trophies for minutes or programs completed, but that’s it. It would be great if Nike gave us more incentives for unlocking badges, such as recipes, special tips and tricks, or even discounts for Nike products!

Program Flexibility. The programs could be improved as well. At the moment you cannot change the days that your workouts are scheduled. Once you start, the workout days are set in stone. And if you don’t do the workout on that exact day, it will not count. For example, the program scheduled me for the Sweat + Shape workout on Wednesday, but lets say I’m super motivated and want to do it on Tuesday or I have plans on Wednesday and can’t do it. When I select the Wednesday Sweat + Shape workout on a Tuesday, the app does not give me the option to do the workout. So I went back to view all workouts (outside of my program) and completed the exact same Sweat + Shape workout, but when I go back to the program schedule it still shows that I have not completed the Sweat + Shape workout.

You can’t complete a workout the day after either, even if it is within the same week. So if the workout is scheduled for Wednesday and I try to do it on Thursday, it doesn’t count.

Social Media Sharing. The social media sharing set-up needs to be improved, too. I have multiple Twitter accounts, one personal one and other accounts for my projects. When I want to share that I reached a milestone or completed a workout, it allows me to share on Twitter but it does not allow me to choose which Twitter account to share to. It is random and has posted to the wrong Twitter account every time.

Previewing exercises. The NTC app does show you how to do the exercises but you have to either: 1) view all the workouts before you start, or 2) view it while you workout, but this pauses the workout which wastes time and interrupts the workout. It would be awesome if the NTC app showed the exercise on the main screen while doing the workout and have the video or gif file loop while we exercise. An example of apps that does this already are the Daily Workout apps. If they could do it, I know Nike could!

Even though there is room for improvement, NTC is one of my favorite workout apps. It is like having my own personal trainer with me everywhere I go. I have it on my iPad Mini and when I’m home I even display it on my Apple TV sometimes.

Extra tip: Spotify has a wide variety of workout playlists to choose from! Stop listening to the same music over and over again while you workout. Keep it fresh and follow your favorite workout playlists on Spotify!

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