Summer to Fall Fashion

Fall Into Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe

Turn your summer wardrobe into fall fashion with these tips


Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your summer wardrobe. You can still wear your favorite warm-weather looks just by adding a few layers of clothing and accessories. Yes, it is hard when the weather shifts from sweltering to cold overnight. Dressing this time of year can get tricky. You can navigate through the seasons with a little help from an expert. Below are tips from Dr. Ngozi Etufugh who is the creator of the fashion blog


Although a fall wardrobe tends to be darker shades; the bright and pastel summer shades can still be worn in the fall as well. Just be sure to wear your bright colored tops, shorts or dresses with a neutral tone such as brown or black to tone it down to fall.

Tights and knee socks

Add long socks or tights underneath shorts and skirts. Also, adding a chic pair of booties/ boots really complement this look.

Cardigans, Blazers and Jackets

Who says tanks are only for summer fashion? Just add a matching cardigan, blazer, or a jean or leather jacket over your tank to make it fall fabulous.


Add a long sleeve shirt underneath your sundress. Sometimes adding a cardigan or jacket can take away from the details that make the dress, therefore, adding a long sleeve shirt can do the trick!


Feminine floral dresses look great with edgy, rockerish leather jackets — it creates the perfect soft-hard balance.


Add a scarf to your summer tee! Scarves come many different styles and sizes and can be wrapped in numerous ways. Some have tassels while others are knitted or full of patterns. They are all fabulous and can really make wearing a basic tee or tank look chic. Let be real, who doesn’t love wearing scarves in the fall?


When wearing long shirts, add a thin belt around your waist. Also you can get classic and wear a belt around a long blazer or jacket.

Do’s & Don’ts

DO try the beach-bag thing.

Who says you have to stick your summery accessories in the back of your closet? Try sporting your neutral beach bag as your everyday carryall to up the cool factor of any basic fall outfit.

DO add tights to summer dresses.

As you transition into fall, don’t take your favorite summer frocks out of rotation! Throw on opaque tights under your pretty dress, and your friends will be too distracted by your put-together ensemble to notice just how familiar it actually is.

DO ignore old-school style rules.

You can white after Labor Day! Crisp white jeans can work year-round, especially when worn with an en trend blazer.

DO learn when (and what) to tuck.

Don’t force roomy jeans into super-narrow boots. Instead, stick to skinny styles that won’t bunch up over your favorite pair of boots.

Complete Your Fall Look:


Summer makeup is all about having that natural “beachy” look. For fall, add a touch of smoky eyes and/ or a dark red shade lip stain.


Time to give the pastels a break and bring out the darker shades. Grey, burgundy, dark blues and purples, etc. are all hot polishes to match your fall looks.


ihenaewu in the Igbo language means what is reigning, what is of the moment, what is happening? Fashion as a whole is constantly looking forward. To keep up one must have style. Welcome to my blog. I am a fierce risk taker when it comes to fashion. I believe every day is an excuse to get dressed up. Evoking visual fantasy is my overall style. It is my hope and wish that you get inspired to take bold risks in your personal style, as well.

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