Five Summer Accessories

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Five Summer Accessories

By Elizabeth Levy Sad for Life & Beauty Weekly

Summer accessories

The little details are usually the ones that make the biggest difference to your look. As fashion seasons change, accessories tend to make your outfit, by giving it a distinctive style to go with the latest season’s trends. If chosen well, subtle or not, they will always make a statement. Here are some summer must-haves that you can pick and choose according to your style.

Roman Sandals

Also known as “Gladiators”, these are a definite must for your summer shoe collection. There are many styles to choose, from strappy high heel wedges to casual and comfortable flats. The design consists of multiple parallel straps covering your feet and working their way to the ankles, showing off your legs for a sexy effect. Colors? Nude, black, and silver are the trending tones this season. If you choose black, you can dress up your outfit with more accessories. Some of them also have embellishments like metallic trims and fringe, for those seeking a bold look. These can go great with side-slit maxi skirts and a huge selection of summer dresses. Are you ready to go out and conquer, gladiator?

Extreme Bags: from oversize to mini

Surely, you are already familiar with the biggest bag trends of the season: ethnic prints; eco-friendly bags made from organic materials (linen, raffia, wood, etc); see through bags with chic designs for evening and summery bright ones for the daytime; and finally the neutral tone bags with neon accents.

This season, what you can do is play with extremes: pick the oversize bold, the tiny sexy clutch, or the classic handbag with the shoulder strap for added elegance.

Ethnic Jewelry

The perfect complement to the eco-friendly bag and the organic cotton maxi dress this summer are ethnic accessories: rings, necklaces, and earrings with bold stones and designs. Avoid minimalism, there should be nothing to hide, use large designs in bold colors like: oranges, blues, earth tones, and geometric shapes as well. Another take on the ethnic accessory: the fringe necklace. Surrounding your neck like an Amazon princess, you can pick from leather, thread or metallic designs. Of course, keep in mind those ethnic prints in skirts and tops to build great looks as well.

Scarves, Headbands and Headpieces

Indhira Baez, from Holamamalatina is an expert journalist in topics like fashion, family, and nutrition. She offers great advice to moms and also reports on the latest fashion trends. “As Latinas, we are a very diverse group, not only because of our skin tone, but also our hair: curly, straight, long, short, different hair colors, etc. That’s why the biggest accessories for the summer of 2013 are: scarves, headpieces, and headbands; which we can use as a compliment to our hairstyle and even our outfits. We can find these in any color, from pastels to animal print; and any material, from cotton to silk. So if you want to look trendy this summer, I definitely recommend these– you will be totally IN”, says the guru.

Round Sunglasses

These have been a reoccurring trend, but this summer they are big. Round sunglasses are reminiscing of the iconic style made famous by John Lennon, and depending on your face’s shape, you can select the style that best showcases your features. Newer styles include round lenses, with thick frames and straight lines for a perfectly feminine and sophisticated touch. But you might like a thin sleeker frame, for a more mysterious and seductive look, this design will compliment you best if you have an oval face shape. This season, frames come in different materials too: from bold plastic to slim metal frames for a chic and bohemian look. 

Elizabeth Levy Sad es editora y periodista. Trabaja como editora para iVillage, y colabora con investigaciones sobre temas de Psicologi­a en la revista Mas Salud. Sus textos han aparecido en Toward Freedom, In-Lan, y el diario Pagina/12, entre muchas otras publicaciones. Actualmente, colabora con las ediciones en espanol de Life & Beauty

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