Embrace Flats This Season


Did you know that a recent story from AOL News highlighted eight different health risks of wearing high heels? Yes, there are apparently eight different ways that high heels are bad for you. Their sources listed everything from back pain to muscle deterioration.

If that isn’t reason enough to swap your heels for flats this season, maybe some of the newest trends can convince you. They’re chic, stylish, and much, much more comfortable.

Foldable Flats

foldable flats

You’ve probably heard of foldable flats. Usually, they’re little black slippers you tuck away in your purse on night outs. You know, the ones you whip out toward the end of the night when your feet start to ache. But this new style of the foldable flat is good for a lot more than relieving your barking dogs.

If you check out the different styles of foldable flats on Lyst, it’s clear this shoe deserves a permanent spot in your collection, rather than space at the bottom of your purse. Upscale designers like Yosi Samra, Steve Madden, and Lucky Brand are all embracing the shoe as a new staple for flats. Their playable structure still gives you all the convenience of the drug store foldables, but with much more emphasis on style.

They’re also great space savers when you’re on those last minute summer getaways, and they’re fashionable and versatile enough to wear whether you’re beachside or dancing the night away.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are always a good choice for casual wear. They’re fun, cute, and easy to pair with a plethora of outfits. They used to be a style for teens and young adults, but now they’re a look that everyone can enjoy.

For example, Daily Mail reported that 36-year-old Gisele Bundchen donned canvas sneakers during a recent outing for the Olympic Games. She finished her effortless look with a pair of ripped, white denim skinnies, a grey top, and a jean jacket. And of course, she looked fabulous.

You can model your outfit after Bundchen’s, or come up with something similar. Jeans are always an option, but canvas sneakers look great with sundresses and skirts as well. Just don’t wear them to a wedding or black tie event, and you should be okay.

White Sneakers

white sneakers

If you don’t know that white sneakers are in right now, you weren’t paying attention. They’re extremely popular lately, and an article from Forbes stated the trend is here to stay. Everyone from Gigi Hadid, to Kendall Jenner, to Selena Gomez are embracing the look.

As with most flats, it’s the versatility that draws fashionistas to the bright white footwear. They look great with professional slacks, skinny jeans, and even a dress or skirt. You might not want to wear them with a formal dress, but if you’re going to a casual or even professional event, the new styles are certainly appropriate when paired with the right attire.

Heels have their time and place, but they don’t own the market on fashionable footwear. Sport some of these flats this season and you just might be surprised at how great they look. If anything else, your feet will certainly thank you.

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