Dress for Your Body Type

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Dress for Your Body Type

By Jennifer Parris for Las Fabulosas


Your co-worker always looks fabulosa in her cocktail dress, no matter what she weighs. It’s not that she has a perfect shape; she simply knows how to dress for her body type. Figure out your type here, and find a dress style that will make you feel glamorous and beautiful on your big night out.

Hourglass Shape: Considered to be the most ideal body type, the hourglass shape boasts breast and hip measurements that are almost identical.

Dress: Although the hourglass’ best feature is her waist, don’t overemphasize it with a skin-tight slinky number, advises Barbosa. Instead, choose a flowy look and complete it with a belt to show off your small waist.

Pear or Spoon Shape: The pear shape is one of the most common body types — especially for Latinas — and features a more bountiful booty. 

Dress: Choose a flattering empire cut that balances your bounty by featuring your upper half.

Apple Shape: Slightly bigger around the tummy, you’re lucky because you have skinny arms and legs, making it easy to camouflage your trouble spots.

Dress: It’s all about the structured look for you. A shift’s vertical lines will create a longer, leaner look.

Tube (Ruler) Shape: Often called “the boy shape,” the tube has minimal curves and is straight up and down.

Dress: Try a wrap or another style that is cinched or gathered at the waist to help create an hourglass figure.

Regardless of body type, you should ultimately shop for clothing that makes you feel beautiful. And remember to embrace your curves. After all, accepting (and loving!) your body is the first step in selecting clothes that will consistently fit and flatter.

Photo: @iStockphoto.com/quavondo

Jennifer Parris is an award-winning writer and editor, whose articles have previously appeared in Las Fabulosas. She is the founder of Celebrity Parents Magazine and has written for publications such as Seventeen, Latina and Parenting.

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