Watch The Throne Tour: Behind the Scenes with Kanye West


Has anybody else been watching the behind the scenes footage from Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s Watch The Throne tour? I don’t know, every time a new one comes out I bookmark so I could watch it later. Kanye West usually does the narrating and he is truly an artist, he surprises me. Like who would have known he had all of these different things going on in his mind? I wish he would start tweeting again. I know that a lot of people dislike him because of his rants or disruptions of award winning speeches (lol) but you cannot take away from the fact that he is very creative and talented.

Anyways, Kanye West and Jay-Z have been performing to sold out crowds everywhere. I would have loved to have gone to a concert, and word is that Jay-Z and Kanye are planning on doing another album together. So maybe another tour will follow? I hope so, but in the meantime I am enjoying these videos that Voyr is putting out. Check them out if you haven’t already 🙂

I’ll keep adding new episodes as they become available.

Episode 1 >> Kanye West VOYR: World Leaders

Narrated by Kanye

Episode 2 >> Kanye West VOYR: The Chi

Narrated by Kanye

Episode 3 >> Kanye West VOYR: Just Kids From Chicago

Narrated by Virgil Abloh (Kanye’s Creative Director)

Episode 4 >> Just Don

Part of this was shown in Episode 2, this is Don C (Kanye’s manager)

Episode 5 >> Kanye West VOYR: Permanent

Some footage of Kanye and Virgil Abloh

Episode 6 >> Kanye West VOYR: Church

Narrated by Kanye

Episode 7 >> Kanye West VOYR: Giveaway

Lucky contest winners!

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