Sofia Vergara’s Latest Pepsi Commercial


I’m a HUGE fan of Sofia Vergara and the hit TV show Modern Family. How someone can be so sexy and funny at the same time is mind-boggling to me. (Side note: both Sofia Vergara and Shakira are from the same town in Colombia – Barranquilla. The men in Barranquilla, Colombia must be very happy with the women there). Anyways, the stunning Colombian actress/model was featured in a new Diet Pepsi commercial filmed at Liv Nightclub at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach.

In the latest Diet Pepsi commercial, “Sofia’s Dance,” Sofia is seen dancing and weaving her way through a jam-packed dance floor in pursuit of a waiter with a Diet Pepsi on his tray. The ad was directed by award winning director McG, who also directed the last popular “Beach Tweet” Diet Pepsi commercial starring Sofia and soccer star David Beckham. Check out behind the scenes footage, and when and where the new ad will air, below!

Look out for the full commercial tomorrow on January 15, 2012 during the Golden Globe Awards show!

If you missed out on Sofia’s last Diet Pepsi commercial with David Beckham, here it is for your viewing pleasure..

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