Snooki & JWoww on ‘DWTS,’ Wedding Dates, Baby Plans and Feuds


“Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with “Snooki & JWoww” stars Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley at Universal Hollywood and the “Jersey Shore” duo dished on Snooki’s “DWTS” performance, wedding dates, baby plans and much more.

On last night’s “DWTS” routine to Britney’s “Work B**h,” Snooki said, “ It was just a celebration of me being a new person and a mom. So I just got up there and I did it … It was like I was in the club again.” Mario commented that Snooki looks so relaxed on the dance floor, JWoww revealing, “I’m more nervous {than Snooki}, I freak out.” Mario asking JWoww, “Would you ever do ‘DWTS’? and JWoww explaining, “Yes. She {Snooki} keeps telling me that I should…but I have like two left feet… I know how to bump and grind and do shore dancing.”

With Season 3 of “Snooki & JWoww” around the corner, both ladies cleared up the rumors that they no longer like being called their “Jersey Shore” names. Snooki saying “I like both… I don’t mind Snooki… but as a new mother and woman, I feel like I’m more of Nicole.” JWoww saying, “I like both, I don’t mind.” Mario asking, “Do you still keep in touch with the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast?” Snooki saying, “Yea…There’s an episode where you’re gonna see them…cause it wouldn’t be right if they weren’t down at the shore with us.”

As for the wedding dress shopping seen in season 3 promos Mario asked, “When are you getting married?” Snooki explaining, “ I don’t know yet.” On setting a wedding date, Snooki saying, “I’m trying to right now, but with ‘DWTS’ being so busy I have no time to look at venues…I think once it’s done then I’m going to start actually planning. And what type of wedding does Snooki want to have once she does have it? Snooki revealing, “A princess wedding. I want to be Cinderella.”

An engaged JWOWW revealed she’s starting to look at venues, adding “I definitely think Nicole might get married before me…It’s so hard planning a wedding. I want to go to Vegas and get married by Elvis…” And on baby plans, JWOWW saying, “Me and Roger don’t mind if we have kids before the wedding.” On giving Lorenzo a little brother or little sister, Snooki saying, “Yes, I would like to right now, but I want my house to be done…then I want to get married. And then my wedding night I want to get pregnant….I want triplets.”

And from talking babies to her beef with with New Jersey Governor Christie, JWoww explaining, “I stand up for my gay men and my gay women out there….If you’re a politician, your personal beliefs shouldn’t have anything to do with office.”

“Snooki & JWoww” Season 3 kicks off Tuesday, October 22nd on MTV at 10/9c.

Source: Extra

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