Refreshing Rosa Acosta vs Maino 3

Rosa Acosta
Rosa Acosta

As soon as I heard Dominican model (@RosaAcosta) Rosa Acosta‘s interview on the Josi Marie Show last week I knew I’d be blogging about it. So let me explain what happened. The rapper Maino made comments dissing Rosa Acosta on another radio interview saying that she wears cheap shoes, rocks cheap bags, etc. His comments were addressed on the Josi Marie Show and Rosa Acosta kept it REAL and it was truly refreshing to hear how logical this gorgeous model is. Check out the whole interview below, where she also talks about dance and her bout with anorexia:

Rosa Acosta said, “First of all he said I’m cheap. That I wear cheap shoes. There is a difference between simple and cheap. I will not wear something that is fake so I will wear whatever I can afford. If I can just afford Forever 21 shoes, then that’s what I am going to buy.” She added that “They think that I’m such a diva. I am still the same girl that came from the Dominican Republic. My family has never been rich. I’m still not rich. Why would I go and buy a $2,000 pair of shoes that I can’t afford when I can actually help my family that’s still living in DR, or I can save my money or I could spend money on my education. What is wrong with buying something that’s inexpensive?“

Thank you, Rosa! Finally a chick with some sense. I see far too many people who are crazy broke yet spend all of their money on major brand name clothing and accessories knowing that they can’t afford it. For example, and I’m not saying any names, but I know a female that used her bonus… AND her husband’s full bonus… for ONE designer bag. It’s ridiculous! And lets not forget those spending money like they are ballers yet they could barely pay rent, feed themselves or heaven forbid can barely feed their children.

Get it together ladies. Get your priorities straight. And men too, rolling around in luxury vehicles with expensive rims when you are still living at home with your Mom. Not cute! It’s all just so silly. Now if the money is coming in then go for it, more power to you. But the majority of people out there, and you know who you are… just stop. You can lie to me but you can’t lie to yourself!

I just had to let all of that out. I was glad to see that Miss Acosta has her head on straight. And I hope the young ladies that look up to her will follow suit and be smarter with their dinero.

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