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One Hot Summer Movie

I watched the movie “One Hot Summer” by Maya Entertainment yesterday, it is a comedy that touched on the real-life dilemmas that everyone, especially women, can relate to. The film stars the very talented (and gorgeous) actresses Vanessa Marcil, Tessie Santiago, Jacqueline Pinol and actors Jon Seda and Casper Van Dien. It navigates through the lives of three friends: Margarita (Vanessa Marcil), Anabel (Tessie Santiago) and Viviana (Jacqueline Pinol) and the issues they face being career women, wives – and Latina.

The story takes place in Miami and revolves around the life of a successful, Cuban-American lawyer Margarita who was just promoted to partner of a well-established law firm. She is happily married to Ariel (Jon Seda), who believes they are ready to start a family and begins pressuring Margarita to put her career aside in order to take their marriage to the next level. In the meantime, Margarita’s ex-flame Luther (Casper Van Dien) returns to Miami and tries to win her back. (Check out the trailer below!)

Margarita’s best friends are going through issues of their own as well. Anabel is married with children and like many mothers, often lose themselves after putting their husbands and children before them. Viviana, on the other hand, is a successful career woman who has found that it is more difficult being a Latina in the workplace due to stereotypes and discrimination – which is why she is bleach blonde and goes by the name Vivian instead of her Latina-sounding name Viviana. She insists this is the reason she is successful, and why make it more difficult for herself when she can just try to fit in with her American counterparts?

Although this movie is a comedy that really had me laughing, it brings up serious issues that modern women everywhere can relate to. For the modern-day woman, we do have to decide between a career and a family these days, it is something that I am facing myself! There are also the obstacles that Latinos (and any other “minority”) go through in the workplace. One Hot Summer also brings up love affairs and the struggles of married couples dealing with infidelity.

I really enjoyed One Hot Summer and felt that the characters in the film were very easy to relate to. There were twists in the film that I really did NOT expect! Which was a pleasant surprise because a majority of movies coming out are very predictable. Women should definitely check out this movie and will be able to relate to at least one of the friends in one way or the other. Men should check it out too – so you all can see what the heck we deal with and what you all put us through! Lol! Jokes aside, it is a very good film that was funny, relatable and full of surprises. You can get One Hot Summer on DVD.

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