NBA Basketball Wives Reality Show 39

NBA Basketball Wives

When I first heard about the Basketball Wives reality show I thought “Oh great, yet another reality show”. I did not give it a second thought until I saw the CRAZY trailer – drama! This guilty pleasure show is about 6 best friends who have been or are in a relationship with a basketball star. In VH1’s Basketball Wives you will see that the life of an NBA player’s significant other isn’t all the glitz and glamour you would expect it to be. This reality TV series will follow: Shaunie O’ Neal – who recently divorced Shaquille O’ Neal, Suzie Ketcham – who was with Michael Olowokandi for 10 years, Jennifer Williams – wife of Eric Williams, Royce ReedDwight Howard‘s ex girlfriend / baby momma, Erikka Moxam – ex girlfriend of Rasual Butler (have very little info on her), Evelyn Lozada – who dated Antoine Walker for 10 years, and Gloria Govan – who is engaged to Matt Barnes. Check out the trailer and read more about the ladies below…

Antoine Walker and Evelyn Lozada Evelyn “Eve” Lozada (@FirstLadyEve), 34 years old, is a Puerto Rican beauty who was born in Brooklyn but raised in the Bronx. She is the ex-fiancée of former NBA player Antoine Walker (of the Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves and Memphis Grizzlies). She was engaged to the controversial Antoine Walker, who she dated for 10 years. Antoine Walker is said to be broke and facing legal troubles for unpaid gambling debts and failure to maintain properties he owns in Chicago. Walker was signed to the Guaynabo Mets of the Puerto Rican Basketball League but after a few months has been released from the team. Walker has been said to be a cheater and it is because of his unfaithfullness (and possibly lack of money) that Evelyn called it quits.

Evelyn was an assistant to a well known celebrity attorney and eventually met Antoine Walker. She has a 17 year old daughter and co-owns an upscale shoe boutique, Dulce, in Coral Gables, Florida.

More Info:
286 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, Fl. 33134

Evelyn Lozada Photos:
Antoine Walker and Evelyn Lozada Dulce Shoe Boutique Evelyn Lozada Evelyn "Eve" Lozada

Jennifer Williams and Eric Williams

Jennifer “Red Carpet” Williams (@RedCarpet_17), 34, is a classy woman who grew up in the upscale suburb of South Orange, New Jersey. She is married to the former NBA player Eric Williams (of the Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, Cleveland Cavaliers, New Jersey Nets, Toronto Raptors, San Antonio Spurs, and Charlotte Bobcats). She met Eric Williams in 2000 and explains that being the wife of an NBA star has its perks, but that this type of lifestyle is dysfunctional.

Jennifer is a high end real estate agent and successful owner of a women’s work out company called Flirty Girl Fitness. Their company offers effective and fun workouts such as Abs and Booty, Hottie Body Boxing, Video Vixen, Yoga Fusion and more (sucks they are not out here in L.A!) Williams also supports countless charities and has founded Project Save the World to help fight different causes.

More Info:

Jennifer Williams Photos:
Jennifer "Red Carpet" Williams Jennifer "Red Carpet" Williams Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada Flirty Girl Fitness

Royce Reed Royce Reed (@Roycelr), 29, was born and raised in Orlando and graduated from Florida A&M University with a degree in Theatre, Education and Humanities. She is an athletic former gymnist, competitive cheerleader, and was a dancer for professional basketball teams in both Miami and Orlando. She met Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic while she was a dancer for the team during the 2005-2006 season. She is Dwight’s ex-girlfriend and gave birth to his son, Braylon Howard, in November of 2007. Royce had to take Dwight to court in 2008 for child support and Dwight took Royce to court twice last year. In one case, Dwight won a permanent injunction against Royce in which she is banned from speaking or writing about Dwight in any shape or form. In the second lawsuit he sued Royce for $9,205,000 in damages for defamation of character.

Despite the trials and tribulations between the pair, Royce has continued on with her life and has started her own Burlesque Dance Company Fantashique and they have been performing around Florida.

More Info:
Fantashique Divas

Royce Reed Photos
Royce Reed Royce Reed and son Braylon Howard Royce Reed Dwight Howard and son Braylon Howard

Suzie Ketcham Suzie Ketcham (@iLuvSuzie) is the social butterfly of the group and is a luxury real estate specialist. She met (now retired) NBA player Michael Olowokandi (of the Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics) while attending college at Pepperdine University and became pregnant with their first child together her senior year in college. They had two children together in their 10 year relationship before they finally split. Suzie has lived in New Jersey, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles but now resides in Miami. She has connections world wide and is sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Miami” since she seems to know everyone.

Suzie Ketcham Photos:
Suzie Ketcham Suzie Ketcham Suzie Ketcham and Evelyn Lozada Lil Jon and Suzie Ketcham

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan Gloria Govan, 24, is the youngest of the bunch and is of African American, Mexican and Hawaiian descent. She is from a prominent family of nine and is from Oakland but more specifically she grew up in the affluent Bay Area suburb Orinda, which is just east of Oakland. Gloria studied international business at San Franscisco State University and met NBA star Matt Barnes (of the Fayetteville Patriots, Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns) when she was 12 years old. After going their separate ways they reconnected when Matt played in Northern California. They are now engaged to be married and have two beautiful identical twin boys: Isaiah Michael and Carter Kelly.

What is interesting about Gloria is that her sister, Laura Govan, is the mother to NBA star Gilbert Arenas’ 3 children and was recently caught in a scandal when intimate messages between Laura and a then married Shaq were made public. Laura and Shaunie O’ Neal were supposedly friends but apparently Laura has been in an affair with Shaq for several years. But that’s a WHOLE other (long) story (read about it here) so let me just end it now.

Gloria is the executive director of Matt’s foundation Athletes vs Cancer in which they raise cancer awareness and raise money for cancer research. Gloria is also involved with many other charities.

More Info:
Athletes Vs Cancer

Gloria Govan Photos
Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan Gloria Govan Gloria Govan Gloria Govan on Fox 37 Good Day Show

Shaunie and Shaquille O'Neal And last but definitely not least is Shaunie O’Neal (@Shaunie_O), 35, who just recently divorced from NBA Super Star Shaquille O’Neal, most likely because of his cheating ways. Shaunie and Shaq have four children and Shaunie is set to launch her own shoe line.

There isn’t much more I could say about Shaunie since this divorce was more publicized in comparison to the other women on the show. We all know Shaunie came up big in the divorce settlement and lately she has been seen with a new, younger man – 23 year old model Marlon Yates. She seems to be coping with the divorce rather well. Or I guess we will just have to wait and see what is really going on in Basketball Wives.

Shaunie Photos:
Shaunie and Shaquille O'Neal Shaunie O'Neal and Children Shaunie O'Neal and Marlon Yates

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39 thoughts on “NBA Basketball Wives Reality Show

  • Ashley

    I feel as though eve is jealous of royce its plain to see royce is very sexy and she is a great dancer,eve act as if she is embarrassed by her well eve if thats the case get away from royce then,royce is grown eve ya such a hater get over your self and get some pro-active

  • your mom

    none of these gold diggers are even married to these NBA stars anymore, or never were! this is stupid! the show should be called “old, worn out, gold digging, hookers!”

  • slewis

    First of all, what is beautiful, intelligent Jennifer doing with Eric Williams. He is so cocky, disrespectful and extremely UGLY. If it weren’t for the fact that he was an ex-nba player no one would give his donkey teeth(probably fake) a second glance. Gloria is looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Matt Barnes knows she is young, stupid and naive. If those women werer cheated on & mistreated by their men, they have a right to be upset and should be allowed to vent their anger, it’s natural. Gloria should not be judging them & thinking she’s better than them.

  • Dave K.

    Yo Eric,
    You are a knucklehead. You have a black princess but you choose to treat her like that on tv so the world could see how black men treat black women. Matt may be straying on his lady but he respects her enough not to diss her on tv. Yo’re a chump.

  • Hello

    Ok i like the way Gloria put them in check about being in her business.Smart woman.It is like they are hoping her husband cheats cause they have been cheated on.DRAMA. Do not let them make you cry Royce while they are judging you they do not look like they had a pure and innocent past.So do not let them break you down you will see in time if they are meant to be your close friends.I like the friend that kept it real at the birthday party.She may be ghetto to the stuck up crew but she did not stutter when she said you are fake.She was just speaking her mind.

  • Kathy Shelton

    Little Lonnie played for the San Diego Chargers, Dolphines and Phoenix. Would love to be invovled in some capacity in your show.


    Jennifer Williams is sexy and absolutely gorgeous. She is so smart and her business are extremely successful. I’m sure there are lots of men who would love to be with her

  • Rita

    Gloria has alot of growing up to do, before she can ever teach the other girls anything. She actually said she can teach an old dog new tricks. Wow! These ladies have been there, and done that, and just want her to know she must have something of her own, just in case her relationship goes south. She would rather not listen, because she is comfortable now. Well honey, so were the other ladies, when they were younger. Royce defended Gloria, and tried to be friends. Gloria made it seem like they were friends, but cut her down on camera behind her back. Wow! Gloria shouldn’t have any friends. She should just stay running behind Matt B. Her relationship is no better than others. She is only a fiance. There are tons of “fiances,” in the NBA. Unless there is a wedding date set within a year, she is just a glorified girlfriend. Players propose but don’t set a date to protect them selves, and make the girl happy. Smart move, guys! Hey Gloria, look at Evelyn. She was engaged for 10 years! That could be you! It’s nice you have a good relationship now, but don’t ignore lessons from others who have been where you are! They want to help Gloria protect herself, but her naive self refuses to listen.

  • ReRee

    This show would have been a great idea, had it featured actual wives, and showing them doing positive things. But, as we all know, drama sells! By the way, Gloria (a finacee, not wife) is the worst. She stabbed Royce in the back, and she claims to now more than the older ladies who have all been there and done that. She has alot of growing up to do.

  • listengirl

    Gloria you should listen to the ladys there only trying to say do sleep on things remeber your not a wife your only a the fiance better word girlfriend thats first. And for Royce your a mother you should have respect for yourself there are things you do behind closed doors not in public. And for Jennifer search your heart love not suppose to hurt it takes two for a marriage to work ask your husband if you did to him what he’s doing to you how would he feel if he said he’s ok with it then you need to ask yourself can you stay married to him and share with everyone because thats what your doing sharing with who knows how many women your a beautiful young lady there are nice guys that would respect you. And my girl Evelyn you’ve done it. It might have took you some time but you done it you got out and maintaining you go girl keep doing you and the bright and beautiful smart business lady that your are. Well Ladys good luck

  • Cassie

    Nonya are you sure you aren’t J.W.? Beautiful, smart, successful….. self praise maybe everyone knows she’s been fluffing blogs since the show has aired she has no LIFE unless she’s on tv (mine eyes , BWAHAHAHA) or her husband is cheating again LMAO! Common knowledge keyword COMMON!

  • maxine

    I think gloria govan is sooooooooooo stupid. She is exploiting her family for money. I don’t care what Shaunie told her. She should have known that shaunie only wanted her to be a part of the show to create drama for the sole purpose of boosting ratings. Gloria is a stupid naive little bitch. She should have known that she could never be friends with those girls. and why in the hell does she look up to her nasty ass sister. It is obvious, reading all the emails between shaq and laura that they were having an affair. Why does Gloria continue to cover for that whore? This makes me question Gloria’s morals. Mark my words, this show is going to lead to the destruction of gloria and matt’s relationship.

  • maxine

    To evelyn. you aint shit. why n the hell are you even on the show. you are not a wife and never was. You were just a fiance which is nothing more than a glorified girlfriend. I heard you say on one of the shows that you could have been a wife but you chose to walk away. Yeah right? what woman stays with a man for 10 years and never get married? Girl please, the marriage didn’t happen b/c he didn’t want it to happen. He made a false promise of marriage to you so that he could keep you around longer. He wanted his cake and eat it too. Evelyn, stop fooling yourself.

  • arealwifey

    This show is so pointless…….more than half arnt even wives, can we just call it wut it is, “basketball babymommas” really, I’m a wife, with a REAL ring and a REAL husband and I can truly say my life is more interesting than this show. Some of the woman are ok, entertaining like my fellow Boricua Evelyn and Shaunie who seems like the sweetest and most genuine, other than that they all fall flat. Worst of all is that Gloria chick…..OMG can someone knock that bitch back into reality. I live in Orlando and close to a very reliable source who can attest that her relationship with Matt B. is far from perfect lol she’s got a very rude awakening coming. Anyway, that’s my take on the show…..peace :/

  • So Fly

    Omg gloria is ugly !YUK! AND her husband is so not even hot or anything at all and she thinks she has it all and acts like her husband is so bad and everything but no not at all.And yeah “BLOOD IS BLOOD” “FAMILY IS FAMILY”.OMG she said that when evelyn said that her sister was having an affair wit Shaunies man shaq like yo who gives a crap if it’s their fam i’d still tell even when they were my fam idc there shouldn’t be a chick messin wit someones elses man !NO LIE

  • CeeCee

    I am sorry but these ladies look like straight hoes, Shaunie should be ashame of herself. Respect ladies you dont have to sell your souls to keep money rolling. most of yall was not married. everyone looks like straight hood bums. You just have money to buy expensive things.

  • maxine

    Eric Williams? Who? Antoine Walker? Who? Michael Olowokondi? Who? I didn’t know any of these jokers before the show aired. Therefore, Evelyn, Jennifer , and Suzie should shut the fuck up. Besides, when gloria stated that you guys were jealous, she didn’t mean that u were jealous of Matt’s or her fortune and fame. She meant that you guys were jealous of the relationship she and matt had with each other. You guys, especially Shaunie, are so shallow. Shaunie, you had a famous husband, but were you happy? Who gives a fuck if your boyfriend or husband is famous or well-known. Are you happy Shaunie, Jennifer, Evelyn, or Suzie. Obviously not.

  • Mz.que

    I look forward to see when Shaunie,Evelyn,&that Ugly Azz Long Neck Jenifer get whats comin to them, with these 3 da show is nothing but alot of 2faced backstabbing Garbage.

  • Cynthia

    This show is ridiculous, here we are trying to show our children not to be bullies or let anyone bully them. But this show is all about bullies, these women should be ashamed of them selves. Especially Evelyn and her texts to suzie. None of these women are married to these basketball players except Jennifer and she’s probably gonna get divorced. Take this stupid show off the air already.

  • booroe

    Jennifer – What is wrong with you, you act like no brainer and you wonder why Eric doesn’t want you. All you do is walk around with your other brainless friends doing nothing all day. Give your mother some credit – show the world that she raised a smart young lady. Erice doesn’t owe you anything. PERHAPS IF YOU WOULD GET A REAL JOB, AND BECOME INDEPENDENT MAYBE IT’LL CLICK IN YOUR MIND THAT WOW! I DO HAVE A BRAIN.

  • booroe

    Evelyn- ha, I wish I was on the show and you threw some water in my face, girl I would…………….. ha, I’m from Harlem and the Bronx. You ain’t even married to a NBA Player, so why in the hell are you on the show. The word is out that you are engaged, he must be the dumpest, stupidest NBA player in the league. They way you be coming at the girls on the show they all need to clip off a piece of your —.

  • booroe

    Shaunie – there is so much negativity about you that this comment box couldn’t hold it all. All I can say is Shaq I told you so!

  • montana

    I just started watching this show and love it but can someone tell me why there is so much hate between Evelyn and Susie? What happened there? Thanks

  • sick&tired

    this is yet another reality show that needs to be taken off the air. no one is married but that ugly ass Jennifer to that horrible, lump-headed Eric. The whole show is pointless & stupid.

  • kay

    I really was feeling like i was the only one who did not like these woman.I was beginning to think that Shaunie was paying VH1 to air the show. Jennifer really needs to dump these people and try to make it work with her husband- or she will be just like these bitter ass bitches-it seems like that is what she wants.Gloria is doing all she can to keep her family together-what’s wrong with that? These woman are only happy when other woman are failing.When Evelyn is married her little puppy dog jennifer will be a gonner.I needed to get this out. I really hope vh1 cancels this show.

  • berrib

    Honestly I don’t care for any of these dramactic,, miserable, bitter, no having enough business and wants to be in everybody elses business..No wonder why none of their lives or relationships prosper..they are too busy trying to ruin others lives…especially that shaunie in the damn ring leader!! I was so sour over this jealous, bitter…before they choose to talk about anybody else n what’s NOT going on in their lives, they need to make sure their lives are clean!! BITTER!! UGH~~ and not married!! SMDH!! I only really cared for the female that was added on even though she got fiesty when she was drunk at the charity event…she would be my pic this season. The rest of the so called woman with a life(lol) need to get some business and stay off the air!!! LITERALLY!! It was truely a hot mess that turned my stomach! I hope there is NOT another season or show!!EVER!!

  • lili

    all u folks with the negative comments must have so much time on you to sit and talk so much shit about these girls. if u guys dont like the show then dont watch it!! stupid people especially you sick and tired who log on 7 inn the morning to write comments about how tired u are of the show and how it should not be on air..DONT WATCH IT DUMMY. whatever they are doing they have big things going for them and all u guys are just haters mfers! all of them are beautiful u guys are prop the ugly ones sitting behind ur computers screens and talkin sh8t ! who cares if they all were not married like really get over yourselves stupid haters! hahahah

  • booroe

    You must be one of those dump ass want-to-be NBA wives realty show members. You know dam well those girls look like fools with no brain, they asses need a job!

  • booroe

    Dear Chad, if the reality shows reunion is real life drama then you should seriously rethink marrying Eve. She is a hot mess, very ghetto and doesn’t know how to talk with using vanity as a completed sentence. Is this the woman you want to have in your kid’s life? All she wants to do is have a baby then that means she get a paycheck from you. God intended for you to be wise. This young lady has slept around with many NBA players, NFL players and etc…trying to land a pot of gold. You can’t be serious about marrying her, don’t let sex cloud your vision. There are many respectable ladies i.e., college graduates, professors, nurses, etc., that would make a good wife for you, don’t settle for trash. If your kids viewed that episode last that aired beginning 3/14/11, then what kind of example are you setting for them? Evelyn’s mouth is a toilet bowl. Can you imagine how she would respond to a conflict with your babies and their mothers? Think, think, and put back on your thinking cap. I won’t work with this lady.

  • booroe

    Evelyn, is nasty talking about “when I fucked him and how I fucked him, is none of your got-dam business bitch”. She doesn’t even know how to talk, how could you lower yourself to talk like that on national TV, wow you must really be desperate for money. I bet your daughter is ashamed of you. Royce set you up so that everyone could see just how nasty and ghetto you really are. Your whole disposition is despicable.

  • Mickey

    This show is going nowhere. It’s time to get this mess of the televison. These women’s characters are ones which we don’t want to be bothered with in real life. Afterall, such illustrated negativity brings us down as a society. For example, women looking down on others due to a lack of makeup, weave, and materialistic goods redirects our prominent focus from education, rebuilding this country, and helping one another. For example, Evelyn talked bad about Royce’s Fashion show (charitable event) and Tammi’s atire (before going to Spain). How did this help raise money before the event??….And Tami was made an outcast due to her wardrobe. What real women still roll like this?? Our children are watching even when we think they are not. And we wonder why men are calling women Bit%$$. Is this what we’ve resulted to after it has taken hundreds of years to have rights. Shouldn’t we be empowering each other instead of looking down our noses on others because we are trying to sleep with a baller. Only Trash does this? In America today we have Michelle Obamas, Oprah Winfreys, Hillary Clintons. All of these women have men in their lives and it’s not about a child support check. Heck!! Oprah’s not even married to Stedman. Let’s keep it moving (Get this trash off the air). Shaunie.stop playing with your money… Big girls do big things with their cash.

  • booroe

    @ Mickey, exactly, you couldn’t have articulated it any better.

    This show is degrating for our young people, especially our girls who have to fight for their liberty each and every day.

    What man in his right mind would bring Evelyn home to his mother and children. I and millions of others will never forget how she portrayed herself on the reunion show, which aired on 3/14/11. Her words were “when I fucked him, how I fucked him is none of your got-dam business bitch”. During the entire show she continuously used the words, bitch, fuck you, got-dam, boo, and used the fingers. What I got to say is, “she is a hot mess.” This show is a reflection of Shaunie’s leadership. YOUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING – NBA HOUSEWIVES.