Mun2 Mini Documentary: Black and Latino


As soon as I saw this mini documentary by mun2 I knew I would want to blog about it. It discusses what it’s like to be Black and Latino in the United States and features Laz Alonso, Tatyana Ali, Gina Torres, Javier Colon, Judy Reyes, Christina Milian, Kat DeLuna, Soledad O’Brien of CNN, Mimi Valdes, Jessy Terrero (and more) speaking about their experiences in the industry and life in general. I think the idea of Latinos/Hispanics having strong influences from Africa isn’t a concept that many people are familiar with. In the US, people usually think you are either Black or Hispanic (and have to choose a side), and or one of your parents are African American. Well a lot of people, like myself, are neither of the above. Check out the video below by mun2!

Many people always ask if I have “Black” in me and I often find myself trying to explain that my Dad is a “Black Puerto-Rican”, but not African American (or an African American/Mexican mix). I remember my Grandfather would be speaking spanish in public and people would look at him and be so confused. Unfortunately many people are not too familiar with latino/hispanic culture, so instead of going into the history of Africa and Spain and the Caribbean, I try to keep it simple and say my Dad is a “Black Puerto Rican” and my Mom is a “White Mexican”. It will do for now! LOL.

Pics of me with my Mom, Dad and Grandpa 🙂
mom-me dad-me

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