Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce and More in ‘Watch the Throne’ Documentary


I came across this Watch The Throne mini-documentary today by Robert Lopuski. It shows rare behind the scenes footage of Jay-Z and Kanye West (of course) but you also see stars like Beyonce and Russell Crowe. The footage shows both artists working on the album while in Australia. They turned the living room of a private estate into a studio and the clips show Jay-Z and Kanye West putting in work for the album.

What’s interesting is that Lopuski was actually working in Madrid when he got the call to head to Sydney, Australia to document the making of Watch the Throne and when he showed up to Australia, he had no equipment to work with! So he had to try to get his hands on any equipment he could get in Australia to start his work. He was thrust into the inner circle of Jay-Z and Kanye West but wasn’t really allowed to do interviews and was unable to set anything up, so he instead focused on capturing raw moments that the outside world would rarely see. Sometimes he would record footage with his iPhone, or record conversations with his phone as well.

In Robert Lopuski’s own words:

In the world of hip-hop, anybody who does something different is a genius, anybody who does something successful is making history; you know it all becomes these exaggerated, bombastic endeavors. And so, for me, I was not interested in that; I was more interested in the smaller moments. The quiet power of talent.

I’m always inspired seeing talented people doing work, especially for an album that I had on repeat and still listen to til this day. Here’s the video…

Credit to:
Good Music
Island Def Jam
Universal Music Group
Robert Lopuski
Anura Idupuganti

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