Hollywood’s Most Striking Lookalikes

Hollywood Lookalikes


There’s an interesting phenomenon in Hollywood whereby every now and then we see a young actor or actress who strikingly resembles a star from a previous generation. Perhaps this is bound to happen. After all, we’re more familiar with the looks of major Hollywood stars than most anyone on the planet, so in some ways it might be easier to recognize features or similarities in other people. It may even be possible that if a young actor bears a slight resemblance to an iconic star, makeup teams and stylists will seek to enhance it so as to raise the actor’s profile by association. Or, it simply may be a matter of coincidence that these cross-generational doppelgänger seem to pop up now and then.

At any rate, here are five of the most interesting pairs of Hollywood lookalikes from different generations.

Brad Pitt & Robert Redford

Arguably the most popularly discussed pair of Hollywood lookalikes out there, Brad Pitt and Robert Redford have always seemed to be almost bizarrely linked. Not only do the two share a physical resemblance, but both are uncommonly good-looking by most people’s standards. And as noted in a Daily Mail article on the subject, Pitt has never shied away from the resemblance. In fact, he seems to have openly embraced it over the years, following a similar style evolution to that of a young Redford and even starring alongside Redford in Spy Game. Interestingly enough, some viewed Chris Pine as a sort of third actor in this doppelgänger chain when the young actor first emerged, but the connection between Pitt and Redford is more striking.


Dane DeHaan & Leonardo DiCaprio


This is a newer pairing that’s being discussed more and more as Dane DeHaan‘s career blossoms. Leonardo DiCaprio‘s true doppelgänger might be a young Swedish model, but in Hollywood circles DeHaan actually looks quite a bit like young Leo. He may not be quite the heartthrob Leo was (and still is) considered to be, but the actors share some defining features: high foreheads, low brows, relatively triangular faces, etc. And while it would take a lot for him to challenge DiCaprio’s prowess on screen, DeHaan is off to a pretty good start in his young career.


Jennifer Ehle & Meryl Streep

This may actually be one of the more striking resemblances in Hollywood, though it doesn’t quite get the attention of some of the others. Jennifer Ehle hasn’t become a household name despite doing fine work in a number of big films (including Zero Dark Thirty and The King’s Speech). When you do see her, however, it’s hard not to notice that she can look like a clone of Meryl Streep! It’s probably a comparison that Ehle doesn’t mind given that many see Streep as the best actress alive.

James Franco & James Dean

James Dean may not be as familiar to some younger film fans, though the actor has retained a certain iconic status even 60 years after his untimely death. He recently surfaced as the subject of a new game at Gala Bingo’s slot collection, where films and fictional stories are often used to help build atmosphere. That game specifically invokes the film Rebel Without A Cause and showcases the classic image of Dean as a sort of casual Hollywood bad boy. That’s an image James Franco has been perfectly comfortable picking up for himself as well (though he likes going the comic route too). He actually played Dean in a 2001 TV movie and has gotten a lot of attention as this generation’s version of the ’50s star.

Natalie Portman & Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn did her last film in 1989 but it still feels as if she belongs to an older era of Hollywood, somewhat like James Dean. Also like Dean, however, her presence still looms large in entertainment. She may not be the subject of an online casino game, but even last year Vogue celebrated the actress’s birthday with an article looking back at some interesting facts about the iconic film Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Hepburn remains such a legendary and glamorous figure that it seems hard to imagine any modern actress comparing to her, and yet Natalie Portman frequently enjoys that honor. The two share a certain physical resemblance as well as a naturally charming attitude, and even Jake Gyllenhaal has called Portman “the Audrey Hepburn of our generation.”

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