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Cronicas Chilangas

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend! 🙂 I just wanted to let you all know about a movie I saw yesterday – Cronicas Chilangas. It’s a comedy in Spanish (has English subtitles though) that follow three people, each going through their own struggles and odd issues. The odd issue I’m talking about is that of Jairo, who is schizophrenic and believes that aliens from outer space are on earth and that he is the chosen one to get rid of them. (Think Men in Black.. LOL.) Another character in this film is Claudia who began to have a strong obsession with porn after finding her husband’s pornographic materials time and time again. The other main character of this story is Juvencio, who is struggling to pay the house mortgage and to care for his wife and his daughter who is quadriplegic. Each story is unique to say the least, and it is interesting to see how they all come into each others lives in the end!

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