Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams & Justin Timberlake in ‘Trouble with the Curve’


Academy Award® winner Clint Eastwood, Oscar® nominee Amy Adams, and Justin Timberlake are coming to theaters near you on September 21st! Trouble with the Curve is the feature film directorial debut of Eastwood’s longtime producing partner Robert Lorenz.

Trouble with the Curve is about a highly successful baseball scout Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood) who takes his daughter (Amy Adams) with him on his final recruiting trip to Atlanta to check out a hot prospect who will be the final prospect of his career. In the film, Lobel’s health is declining and his sight is failing which of course would affect his ability to scout potential prospects. Based on the trailer, it seems like there are some secrets that Amy Adams is unaware of that led her father to send her away after her mother passed away. Justin Timberlake plays the role of Johnny Flanagan, who is a young former pitcher-turned-scout.

Check out the trailer and movie stills of Trouble with the Curve below!

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