Alyssa Milano On Losing Her Baby Weight, Breastfeeding & A Who’s The Boss? Reunion!

Alyssa Milano EXTRA

EXTRA caught up with actress Alyssa Milano who opened up about her post-baby “happy weight,” being a strong advocate for public breastfeeding and if she would be game for a Who’s The Boss? reunion and more!

On what she calls her ideal “happy weight,” 126 pounds, after giving birth to her second child, Milano revealed, “It really is subjective to the person, but for me it’s about feeling good fitting into my clothes and being able to keep up with my two kids.” On achieving her weight loss after giving birth to daughter Elizabella, Milano explained, “When I first gave birth, I started cutting out carbs and sugar… I did it by myself… then I hit that lull that I think that everyone hits…that last 20 pounds that can be so hard to lose, so I did my research and noticed the tools that Atkins had to help you lose weight were pretty much what I was doing, they were just making it easier and not only that, they had just amazing products to help me along the way.”

What didn’t help her lose weight? Breastfeeding! Milano said, “I don’t think breastfeeding helps at all! Those same people are getting into their skinny jeans three weeks later, no matter if they’re breastfeeding or not… I didn’t have that and actually with my son, I didn’t lose the last ten pounds until after I stopped breastfeeding, so I think it’s different for everybody.”

But Milano still remains a strong advocate for public breastfeeding, despite receiving heat for her breastfeeding photos on social media. Milano shared, “It’s good to have this conversation. And I think that if the photos bring up the debate, I think that’s great. And I will say that from when I first started posting the pictures to now, there are a lot less negative comments cause I think people realize that I’m not going away. My boobs are not leaving…” Milano added, “I definitely think it’s weird when people are so against it, so adamant about it… I’ve heard everything from you should feed your baby in the public restroom, to go to your car and do it and that’s kind of shocking…That’s so gross, why would you feed your baby in a public restroom? So I will keep [breastfeeding] as long as I’m given this gift of being able to feed my children from my body, or my child, not breastfeeding Milo anymore don’t worry, people, but if I was, you shouldn’t have a problem with that.”

And speaking of problems, would Milano have a problem bringing back Who’s The Boss? The actress explained, “…I think if the script was right, we would all do it…with Netflix bringing back Full House and all of that, we would definitely consider it if the script was great, but it’s gotta live up to what we did. You know I still watch reruns of Who’s the Boss? and I’m amazed…it was a single mom who ran her own business, who hired a man to clean her house, who had a very promiscuous mother. I mean it was a very progressive show for the 80’s and I’m pretty proud of that, so it would have to live up to that.”

Source: Extra

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