Guilty Pleasure: Real Estate

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

If you have been to my new Pinterest page you’ll probably notice that my Dream Home board is more active in comparison to my other boards. The reason for this is that I just love looking at big beautiful homes, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. Sometimes when I am taking a break from the craziness that is my life, I look at luxurious homes. It’s just fun to look at, to see what is out there and it gives me ideas for my future home!

weinberg-homeI received an e-mail out of nowhere this past week about the website Top 10 Real Estate Deals and I love the site so far. The site posts entertaining and unusual real estate news, such as Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen‘s drummer and Conan O’Brien‘s former band leader) reducing the price on his New Jersey home to $5.9 million. It’s a six bedroom house with two game rooms, professional movie theater with its own lobby, recording studio, stone wine cellar and a fancy barn. Oh and by the way Weinberg also installed stadium lights around the home’s pond for hockey games and ice skating if, you know, you’re into those sorts of things.

Some other articles on their front page right now is Jon Huntsman Senior‘s $49.5 million Utah ski home and the beautiful Beverly Hills home that served as the backdrop for the late Whitney Houston‘s movie The Bodyguard. If you’re into real estate like me, I recommend you check out (I will be pinning from them as well)! 🙂

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